Egypt wants to make Sinai a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims

© RIA Novosti / Oleg Elastokinematic in fotoracconti of St Catherine, existing since the 6th century BCEgypt wants to make Sinai a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims© RIA Novosti / Oleg Elastokinematic the image Bank

Egyptian authorities intend to use the Holy places of three world religions in the Sinai Peninsula for the development of pilgrimage and excursion tourism, said the Governor of the province of South Sinai Khaled Foda.

«Sinai is the cradle of three world religions, it embodies the spirit of peaceful coexistence of representatives of different faiths,» said Ford, speaking at an international conference devoted to the development of religious tourism.

According to him, the conference, to which were invited religious leaders from around the world and promote religious tourism in the area, which is worldwide known as the place for «beach holiday».

According to the Deputy Minister on Affairs of antiquities, Mohammed Abdel Latif, through the Sinai to Egypt came the first Muslims, there are the routes of the first pilgrims on their way to Mecca and Medina. In addition, the Sinai is a historical mosque, ancient Muslim fortress.

He added that the important religious monuments in Sinai also considered the mountain of Moses, St. Catherine Monastery, Church and mosque at the foot of the mountain, and the ancient Baths of Moses.

In turn, the head of the State Committee on development of tourism Hisham al-Dumari told RIA Novosti that the government is ready to help in the development of religious tourism in Sinai.

«With regard to religious tourism, the state’s role will be to ensure the necessary conditions. In particular, we have, for example, to ensure that the St. Catherine’s monastery is a good way that there is an airport, there are normal hotel. And travel companies should include these sights in a package of services,» said al-Dameiri.

«The Sinai has a lot of monuments important for Muslims, Christians and Jews, and we want the whole world to know about it», — concluded the representative of Egypt.