Expert: creation of a Kurdish state is negative for Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trailblazer Evseev, head of the Department of Eurasian integration and development of the SCO, the CIS Institute, military expert. Archival photoExpert: creation of a Kurdish state is negative for Russia© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

The creation of a Kurdish independent state in Northern SAR is negative for Russia, as it will contribute to the fragmentation of Syria, said the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries, the expert club «Valdai» Vladimir Yevseyev.

Federation of Northern Syria (Rozhava) was proclaimed the next Kurdish organizations in March 2016 beyond the control of Damascus territory in Northern Syria near the border with Turkey. Damascus has not recognized it. In Syrian Kurdistan, home to about 4.6 million people, including 2.5 million Kurds.

«I believe that for Russia the creation of such an independent Syrian Kurdistan is negative, because it will contribute to the fragmentation of Syria. Syrian Kurdistan to create not give,» — he said RIA Novosti.

Evseev believes that how the Syrian Kurds will be presented in a future Syria, they will agree it is Russia. Despite the fact that Damascus categorically against the creation of a Federal state, the expert believes that «some autonomy can be given to the Kurds, and here the main role is played by Russia».

«Russia is the main player in Syria», he concluded.