France found the sketch «Nude «Mona Lisa»

© Flickr / Thomas RickerКартина Leonardo Da Vinci Portrait of Mrs. Giocondo Lisa (1503-1519) in the largest Museum in the world, the Louvre. ParisFrance found the sketch «Nude «Mona Lisa»© Flickr / Thomas Ricker

In particular the sketch with the image of a naked woman, which, experts say, could be the outline for the «Mona Lisa» by Leonardo da Vinci, reports The Telegraph.

‘Mona Lisa nude sketch’ found in France

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The drawing was in the collection of works of art since the Renaissance in the musée condé in the Palace of Chantilly. First it was thought that the drawn charcoal portrait of a woman known as «Monna the bath», was only made in the workshop of da Vinci, but after the examination at the Louvre the French experts came to the conclusion that the artist could work on this painting.

According to the curator of the musée condé Mathieu Delica, both portraits of the same size, and the arms and body of the «Mona Lisa» and «Mona» Bath are almost identical.

«It’s not a pale copy (Mona Lisa — approx.ed.). What we see was created simultaneously with the «Mona Lisa» closer to the end of the life of da Vinci. It is highly likely that this is a sketch for the oil painting,» — says Geldik.

Analyse de la Joconde nue au @c2rmf avec Bruno Mottin, conservateur du @c2rmf et @mathieudeldicqu conservateur du @chantillydomain

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The expert of the Louvre Bruno Moten confirmed that the drawing was made in the years of the life of Leonardo da Vinci. At the same time he noticed that the hatch in the upper corner of the work was done right-handed, while the famous Italian artist painted with his left hand, so professionals should be «extremely careful» in the estimates.