In the Vologda region the two girls died in a fire in the apartment

© Fotolia / Tobias ArhelgerПожарная machine. Archival photoIn the Vologda region the two girls died in a fire in the apartment© Fotolia / Tobias Arhelger

The investigating authorities carried out a preliminary examination of the circumstances of the death by fire of two young sisters who for a short time left alone in the apartment while mother was with relatives, said on Friday SUCK in the Vologda region.

According to investigation office, the fire was noticed on Thursday afternoon, tenants of one of houses in the village Maxa Cherepovets district, who called the fire Department.

«The fire discovered the bodies of two young girls, 2016 and 2014 years of birth, in the apartment where they lived. Mothers of children found out that she left the apartment for a short time to relatives in a neighboring apartment, leaving the children at home. When the fire started, the children could not be found», notes SUCK.

In the current investigation are the circumstances of the incident, inspected the scene, interview witnesses, work with the mother of the dead children.

«Fire-technical study will allow for sure to set the location of the fire origin and causes of the incident fire. By results of check will be a procedural decision», — adds the regional investigation Department.