Moscow road before the winter will wash with a special shampoo

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Utilities in Moscow in anticipation of winter several times to wash the roads, sidewalks and intradomestic prodrivings special detergent, Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

«On the morning of Saturday, September 30, more than 5 thousand watering machines will start washing all tile and asphalt concrete pavement with adjacent Parking areas, sidewalks and yard areas,» — said Biryukov told reporters.

He said that the first road the full width of the roadway will be treated with a special shampoo, and in two hours will wash off with water.

The head of the urban center stressed that in the same time as watering equipment for streets, the pedestrian area and the yards will come on the wipers and manual cleaning workers to clean sidewalks, asphalt and tile coverings in the urban areas.

Washing of roads is a routine procedure before the beginning of the winter season, which helps to cleanse the road surface from household pollution and engineering. Special tool removes asphalt, cobblestone and asphalt pavement fuel oil and oil stains, tire tracks. On such a pavement in the cold season, holding anti-ice treatment is most effective.

Metropolitan utilities traditionally washed roads with shampoo two times a year — fall and spring.

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