New people: the rotation in the case of the heads of regions continue

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Trainingthere official. Archival photoNew people: the rotation in the case of the heads of regions continue© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druzhinin

On September 28 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous district Igor Koshin, who resigned at his own request.

Acting the acting was appointed Deputy Minister of economic development Alexander Tsybulsky, who held the post will be replaced by Minister of economic development since November 2014.

Over the past two weeks, the guide regions there have been significant changes. September 26, Putin signed a decree on early termination of powers of the Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin, whose place was taken by Dmitry Azarov.

Then the former head of the Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev has changed Gleb Nikitin. Also this week announced the resignations of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Viktor Tolokonsky and the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov.

«The rotary process in the case of heads of regions — this is absolutely normal, relevant and expected process. In this case, the head of state <… > is on the way it updates rotation of the gubernatorial corps. It is absolutely normal process», — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday.

Way to young

Experts argue that a series of recent resignations of governors and the appointment of new acting has certain tendencies: in particular, the place of the officials at the age younger and more open.

«This is a unified personnel policy of Putin, which he holds for more than a year. It consists in the renewal and rejuvenation of management personnel. The essence of this update is that people come with other managerial experience, with experience in the Federal ministries, with experience in large corporations», — said the President of the consulting Agency Bakster-group Dmitry Gusev, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Commenting on the appointment Cybulski, Gusev said his experience at the Federal level, which will be useful to new acting in the region. «I am sure that the former Deputy head of the Ministry’s familiar with the standards used by the Federal government, has a lot of connections, acquaintances and it will be useful to the region, even such small as the Nenets Autonomous Okrug», — said the expert.

All are equal, as on selection

Biographies of people appointed to public offices, were similar in many ways.

In the first place catches the eye of the age: Alexander Cybulski as the head of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov, 38 years, the Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov — 40, and in General to the new Governor and acting no more than 50 years.

However, not all experts agree with the view that youth plays in the new appointments the main role.

«Rejuvenation, or as he said Abdulatipov «greening» of the regional governors is a conversation about nothing. There need to invite experienced professionals, and age is absolutely not important. Most importantly, these people would be able to work professionally in the new territory and to carry out their duties», — told RIA Novosti head of the regional programs AISI Andrey Kolyadin.

Also candidates share similar career.

Kolyadin noted that all new regional leaders had experience in business, large enterprises, Federal agencies are serious posts.

«That’s what they got serious practice and training in Ranepa. There he studied and governors who won elections on 10 September,» — said the expert of AISI, adding that the history of each individual Governor and to compare them together is impossible.

Why should they?

New governors have a lot of experience in public office. In addition, many of them were able to realize their potential in the private sphere — for example, Dmitry Ovsyannikov several years he was Deputy General Director of JSC «Chepetsky mechanical plant».

«These are the young, talented, versatile professionals, and the President has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that they all have experience in the Federal government on many different areas, bodies of regional authorities. And, in fact, according to the President, they are able to implement tried and tested already, despite his young age, the potential for development of those regions which they led,» — said Peskov.

Experts believe that former governors are not much different from the present. Personnel policy today is a continuation of what Vladimir Putin did before.

«Always has, always representing the President, and he chose. During the election, the system of selection of people is completely different: there are the charismatic people who are close to the people and that the people he promotes. Still professional and intelligent people», — said Dmitry Gusev.

Experience is experience

The experience of the selected heads of regions speaks for itself: Alexander tsybulskiy worked in the Department of international cooperation of the Russian government office, and before you take the post will be replaced by Minister of economic development, was assistant Minister of regional development and Director of the Department of government sectoral programs coordination, Ministry.

«There is another practice: take people who have gone through a large school of Federal policies that have outgrown their positions at the places where they were. For example, as the same Nikitin: he has long outgrown the post of first Deputy Minister of industry and trade, and he therefore gave the opportunity to Express themselves on one of the most developed and advanced regions», — said koliadyn.

According to Dmitry Gusev, the essence of the personnel policy is that new governors will be able to transfer their skills to the regional level. «This is the selection of personnel for specific tasks. I find it very useful and interesting practice,» he adds.