On Novy Arbat organized separate collection of waste and recycling

© RIA Novosti / Kirill Cholinecontaining garbage collection. Archival photoOn Novy Arbat organized separate collection of waste and recycling© RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov

Points of reception of separate garbage and waste paper organized in Novy Arbat within the framework of the festival «Golden autumn»; in the first week on this principle was able to collect 120 litres of garbage, reported RIA Novosti news Agency in the organizing Committee of the cycle of urban street events «Moscow seasons».

Such action is timed to the events on the occasion of the Year of ecology in Russia.

«The festival site on Novy Arbat on the protection of the environment. There were organized paragraphs separate reception of garbage and waste paper, master-classes and lectures on green lifestyle», — told in the organizing Committee.

Thus, the organizers are trying to attract more city residents to collect garbage separately for further processing.

To this end, the receiving points are taken books, Newspapers, magazines and cardboard, in addition to the cigarette packs, napkins and metro tickets. Plastic, you can bring bottles. In addition, you can take the trash. As a gift to the participants are awarded commemorative badges.