Passengers are unable to fly to Chukotka combined flight «VIM-Avia»

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotosensasi VIM-AviaPassengers are unable to fly to Chukotka combined flight «VIM-Avia»© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

About 30 passengers «VIM-Avia» on Thursday were unable to fly from Vnukovo combined flight Moscow-Magadan-Anadyr, according to the government of Chukotka.

«On the eve of about 30 passengers had to fly to the capital of Chukotka, however, due to the fact that the flight was combined with Magadan, not everyone wishing to leave enough seats on the plane. The leadership of the Federal air transport Agency, as well as the airport «Vnukovo» about this situation informed so that measures were taken for the resettlement and dispatch of passengers», — stated in the message with reference to words of the Deputy Governor Leonid Nikolaev.

According to the Director of international airport «Anadyr» Oleg Wild, the plane from Anadyr to Moscow will depart on 30 September at 01.30 local time (September 29, 16.30 GMT). It will be a direct flight. Departure expect 30 people.

Earlier on Friday, the aircraft «WIM-Avia» delivered in plentywood 170 passengers from the Russian capital. The return flight to Moscow the plane will take 174 passengers «VIM-Avia» awaiting departure on 27 September.

The situation with the flight «VIM-Avia» has escalated over the weekend. The airline on Monday officially admitted that it did not have the Finance to continue in operation and cease to operate Charter flights. However, the regular flights of the airline continues. The issue with the transportation of its passengers is controlled at the level of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport.