Russia will study proposals from London and Paris about the fight against the propaganda of terrorism

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in photobacteria of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Archival photoRussia will study proposals from London and Paris about the fight against the propaganda of terrorism© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Russia will carefully analyze British-French proposal for the suppression of terrorism propaganda on the Internet and ready to make suggestions, stated in the comments of Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Oleg Syromolotov were released from prison, placed on the official website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

«We plan to analyze more thoroughly the British-French proposal. In turn ready to make a counter based on proven advanced Russian experience block and remove terrorist and extremist content. At the same time remain open to dialogue with Western partners, firmly upholding the thesis of the leading role of the state and its competent authorities in counter-terrorism and anti-extremism in an important but auxiliary, the deliberative functions of the civil society institutions and the private sector,» he said.

According to Syromolotova, Russia supports in principle a is formulated in this initiative approaches and priorities. He noted that to stop terrorist propaganda on the Internet and social networks through legislative and enforcement measures and at the same time, responsible public-private partnerships with Internet companies.

«However, all that will remain beautiful but empty slogans, if our partners will continue to share the challenges of terrorism in the information space to those that «threatened her», and those that relate to «them.» This is not the area where justified struggle for leadership: no state of the world not to destroy alone all the sources and media technopagan, not to stop the spread of terrorist ideas, ideology,» said Syromolotov.

The British-French proposal to combat terrorism propaganda on the Internet was launched during the high-level segment session of the UN General Assembly in September.

The Deputy foreign Minister recalled that in October 2016, Russia submitted to the UN security Council draft resolution on combating terrorist ideology. «Then we offer approved at the national level and effective measures, including to prevent the incitement of terrorism and to curb its public justification, blocking and removal of terrorist content on the Internet, Western States was immediately, in fact, without discussion rejected under the pretext of protecting absolyutiziruyut at the time «freedom of speech», — he said.