Russian «Gazprom» is preparing to launch the sale of products via the Internet

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotobanka in Auchan hypermarket on the Kaluga road. Archival photoRussian «Gazprom» is preparing to launch the sale of products via the Internet© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

The retailer «Auchan», Russian subsidiary of the French Auchan Retail, plans to start selling products via the Internet, said the President of «Auchan Russia Retail» Francois Remy.

«Our goal is to be a specialist in the sale of food products. Food, obviously, must be present and e-Commerce. We now study under what conditions we can start selling food products via the Internet. It will require some time, but we’re working on it,» said Remy reporters.

According to him, the retailer is in test mode, already launched the sale of some groceries, and now exploring the possibilities of Internet sales of fresh products — meat, fish, vegetables. The President of the Russian region said that the Internet store you can order home delivery or collect the goods from the store.

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    I’m not buying anything on the Internet

All proygressive»At first, the online store will focus on home delivery,» — said a top Manager. Start online sales will start in Moscow. In turn, the General Director of Auchan Retail International Wilhelm Hubner reminded that some time ago in Russia work shops «Asianave» — similar to the French Auchan Drive, when customers order goods online and take the purchase with a car.

«Drive exists only in France. We tried it in Italy, in China — where it does not work because customers from switching to home delivery or delivery to your shop. To create this format, we need a platform, and in Moscow it’s expensive,» he said Hubner.

«And when we considered the possible profitability of this project, we were unable to reach profitability. I think now we have no priority to develop Drive. The priority is to develop food direction, start selling products via the Internet,» he concluded.