State Duma deputies shared their impressions of the movie «Matilda»

© Photo courtesy of PR Agency «Sarafan» the film MatildaState Duma deputies shared their impressions of the movie «Matilda»© photo courtesy of PR Agency «Sarafan»

Deputies of the state Duma on Thursday saw the film directed by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda» in the cinema capital of Gum, the acclaimed motion picture all of them liked it.

The screening of the film took place behind closed doors, to ensure safety have been taken stronger measures.

In official hire in Russia the film comes out on October 26 in August she received the rental license with rating «16+». The movie «Matilda» about the fate of the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, and fell in love with the future Emperor Nicholas II. Long before the release of the movie caused a public outcry. The main sides of the confrontation were the teacher and the Deputy of the state Duma from «United Russia» Natalia Poklonskaya.

To see another of Nicholas II

Visited the show told about his impressions to journalists. The head of the Duma Committee on culture, film Director Stanislav Govorukhin said that all the parliamentarians, watching «Matilda» on Thursday, liked the movie. According to Govorukhin, all of his interlocutors stated that they began to refer to Nicholas II «better than before».

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko («Fair Russia») believes that statements about Poklonskaya’s film «Matilda» is unfounded. According to Drapeko, in the film Nicholas II is shown live person, who overcomes temptation and chooses civil liability, their country. The Deputy noted the advantages of the film: in her opinion, this wonderful music, great costumes, very good acting.

Deputy head of the Duma faction LDPR Yaroslav Nilov after watching said movie allowed him to see the last Russian Emperor through the eyes of others, as a person on an emotional level, to feel compassion and empathy.

The movie «Matilda» in no way offends the memory of Nicholas II, came to the conclusion after seeing the pictures, Deputy head of the faction «Fair Russia» in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov. He believes that the film has to be seen to the greatest possible number of people. «The more people look, the faster is it «bigotry» around this film will shatter, and people will realize that nothing bad in the film,» — said the MP reporters.

However, among the deputies there are those who do not share the opinion of watching «Matilda». The head of the Duma Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious associations, coordinator of the parliamentary group for the protection of Christian valuables Sergey Gavrilov, who is the picture of the Gum was not looking, he complained that the film «is built on a lie».

«If we believe that the film claims the title of the historical blockbuster of the year, the position is as follows: …it is very sad and disappointing that the plot of the film is built on the lie, the fiction, the possibility for a feature film, has no relationship to historical events. Moreover, the canvas has a rather bad taste», — said Gavrilov.

The point in scandal?

Director Alexey Uchitel after watching the movie MPs rated their overall impression as «sverhsekretnye». «(Judging) by the applause that was at the end of the movie, the deputies we have are also different. I was expecting a mixed reaction. But I have not heard a single negative (moment),» he said to journalists.

At the same time, he did not believe that the viewing of the film the members of «set point» in the story «Matilda».

«Because I feel that those who the deputies were against, will go to the end. Almost, I think, is a struggle with the state. The government has said, issuing a distribution certificate, that the film does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. Somehow, this saying «no, you’re wrong». Seriously, the impression that there is a struggle with the state», — concluded the Teacher.

A wide resonance in connection with the film did not prevent the pre-shows, which already passed in several regions of the Russian Federation. In early September, Russia’s first pre-premiere screening of «Matilda» took place in Vladivostok. During the event, were taken unprecedented security measures. The audience after the screening of the film noted that is not seen in the picture nothing offensive.

Last week, before the premiere screening of «Matilda» was held in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. In the Northern capital the show, accompanied by high security measures, passed without incident. It was held in the framework of the international kinawataka «Cinema Expo». The viewers who have watched the film, saw no occasion for scandal.

In Novosibirsk the action was accompanied by protest opponents of the paintings that stood at the cinema with posters. The audience after watching praised the acting and called the film «beautiful».