The budget deficit-2017 the Voronezh region was reduced by 500 million rubles

© Photo courtesy of the press service of the Voronezh regional gemiplegical of the Voronezh regional Duma Vladimir Netesov. Archive photoThe budget deficit-2017 the Voronezh region was reduced by 500 million rubles© Photo courtesy of the press service of the Voronezh regional Duma

Deputies of the Voronezh regional Duma has corrected the regional budget, reducing the deficit to 502,5 million rubles, said Friday the legislature.

Session of the Voronezh regional Duma of the sixth convocation was held on September 29. Deputies considered amendments to the law «About the regional budget for 2017 and the planning period of 2018 and 2019».

«Within the framework of the meeting, changes to the budget revenues increase on 721,454 million roubles, expenses — on 218,954 million rubles, respectively, the deficit is reduced to 502,5 million rubles», — stated in the message.

According to information of the regional Duma, the increase in revenues is due primarily to the actual increase in revenues excise taxes on petroleum products and «effective working» of the arrears of the past years the transport tax.

«The growth of own incomes of regional Treasury will allow us to increase the volume of budget loans to municipalities region 502 million rubles will be spent on the exercise of road activities,» — said the Chairman of the Voronezh regional Duma Vladimir Netesov.

The deputies in the framework of the adjustments made increased by almost 130 million rubles funding for the Department of agrarian policy for implementation of the regional program «Development of agriculture, food production and infrastructure in the agricultural market.»

In addition, the Department of housing and communal services and energy for the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing will receive 29,6 million roubles. The Department of social protection on providing disabled people with technical means of rehabilitation will allocate 12.7 million rubles. And the Department of labor and employment will receive an additional 8.5 million roubles on rendering assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad.

The MPs also laid the financing of innovations in the adjustment budget. The increase became possible thanks to savings on costs of servicing the public debt earmarked funds and subsidies received from the Federal Treasury.

In particular, 78,5 million rubles were transferred to the Department of social protection for the provision of measures of social support on payment ZHKU citizens living and working in rural areas. The Agency will receive 285,8 million rubles — on provision of subsidies for payment of premises and utilities, plus 42,7 million roubles — on granting of measures of social support of veterans of labor for housing and communal services.

The Department of education science and youth policy of the Voronezh region will allocate 29 million rubles for the work of the newly created Center for psychological, pedagogical, medical and social assistance.

As explained Netesov, as part of the adjustments budget of 187 million rubles increased the allocation for construction of objects of regional property. «Overall, they now exceed 720 million rubles. Additional funds will be used for construction of a polyclinic for 550 visits per shift in the microdistrict Shilovo, for the construction of new offices Kalacheevskiy and Semiluksky district hospitals, new Centres and dispensaries in areas to the treatment plant Verkhnemamonsky CRB and funding «the Historical-cultural center «the Palace complex of Oldenburg». Almost 55 million rubles increased funding for the construction of homes,» said Netesov.

According to him, the funding program will be a new object – the Center of men’s gymnastics on Leninsky Prospekt in Voronezh. Also as part of the adjustments budget of 3.5 million rubles allocated to increase the area of the rink is placed in winter on the main square of Voronezh.