The company «Lockheed Martin» creates the dropship for landing on Mars

© Lockheed-MartinЧелноки MADV, docked with the Mars base MBCThe company «Lockheed Martin» creates the dropship for landing on Mars© Lockheed-Martin

Engineers «Lockheed Martin» told about the emergence, the company plans to create a reusable Shuttle MADV able to carry out a soft landing on Mars, take off from the surface and dock with the space station or other spacecraft in orbit of the red planet, according to

«The construction of the station in orbit of Mars is not an end in itself for us. She and her heirs will be, as can be sued from its name – «best camp» – a place where we can fly and travel on the surface of other, more distant worlds,» said Rob chambers (Rob Chambers), one of the founders of the Shuttle.

In August last year, the company «Lockheed Martin» made an unexpected announcement, told about large-scale plans to establish a base in orbit of Mars and the journey to the red planet, to be held in accordance with the plans of the aerospace giant, roughly in 2028, if its proposal is accepted by NASA.

A key part of this project should be a Mars orbital base, named Mars Base Camp, or «advanced camp». This database will include not only life-support systems and scientific instruments, but also have a whole set of systems allowing to produce all the necessary life supplies, including fuel for rockets from scrap materials.

In its architecture this database will consist of two shuttles «Orion», developed today at NASA to fly in deep space, and the two science modules, whose total weight will be approximately 120 tons. In accordance with the plans, «Lockheed Martin», the database will be able to support the lives of six astronauts for about a year, and a smaller number of people for thousands of days.

The total cost of the whole system, as noted by its developers, is quite modest – about 60-80 billion dollars that it will fit into those typical tools that today NASA has devoted each year to create the Shuttle and the Orion rocket SLS.

According to the principles of their work and the architecture it will be similar to the reusable first stage of the rocket Falcon 9 developed by SpaceX, but the fuel will be kerosene, which on Mars is difficult to obtain, and liquefied hydrogen. The source of this hydrogen will serve as the water that the astronauts can get on the surface of Mars and its moons, or bring your own from the Ground.

According to chambers, now the company’s engineers are planning to equip the station with two such shuttles in order to avoid a situation in which the protagonist of the book and movie «the Martian», and allow the station crew to save their comrades if one of the shuttles goes down on the surface of Mars.