The Cyrillic alphabet «style»: why foreigners wearing clothes with Russian slogans

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From the catwalk to the covers of magazines — today in fashion labels in Russian. The NBA star American basketball player Kevin Durant — appeared at a press conference in a t-shirt that says «Style» of his compatriot designer Girona Preston. In the same sweatshirt recently photographed the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Nord West. In February of this year, the Cyrillic alphabet was on the cover of the American weekly The New Yorker, and Vogue magazine called hoodies with inscriptions in Russian, one of the main fashion trends. RIA Novosti understood why the whole world fell in love with the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Boom on Russian texts began in the world two years ago with «yard» collections of Russian designer Gosha Rybchinskogo. Tucked in socks, sweatpants and sweatshirts with the words «Sport» won then Western fashionistas. Despite the transience of most of these trends, the interest in unusual inscriptions in Russian was not fleeting, it only grows. At first, things began to wear Supermagnete. Now the clothes goshi Rybchinskogo and his fellow Georgian designer of Denny Gvasalia, Ukrainians Lilia Poustovit and Yulia Efimchuk — moved to the massmarket: on the pages of glossy magazines, in collections of popular brands and even music.The Cyrillic alphabet «style»: why foreigners wearing clothes with Russian slogans
Fashion is more other spheres of mass culture prone to borrowing. The crisis of ideas caused by the need to produce multiple collections per year, leads to the fact that the designers are looking for inspiration not only in the familiar environment, but also on the local markets of other countries.
The symbols of foreign cultures serves as something exotic, to create the effect of novelty. Can’t come up with an original inscription in English? Use the letters themselves look unusual, so always print out from the masses. The buyers of these things may not understand the meaning of the words, but the more interesting: after all, without its direct value, no text is transformed into a universal symbol.

A new wave of football fashion. @adidasfootball collaborate with designer Gosha Rubchinskiy for new collection inspired by the youth of Russia. #soccerbible #adidas #gosharubchinskiy

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Over the past two years the designers and brands that use Russian language, have captivated the fashion industry. Turns glossy magazines are full of Falsehood Artem t-shirts with the words «Peace» and orange jumpsuits Yulia Efimchuk simple message: «Spring». Liliya was hiding the words «Where’s mommy» on dresses, and the brand of Andrey Artemov Walk of Shame, on the contrary, offers customers proudly wear the sweater with the print «Volk of sheym» in the entire breast.

Latvian brand QooQoo surprising t-shirts «krasava» and leggings «work wonders», while the youth brand of Denny Gvasalia Vetements introduces European fashionistas with Russian rock with the help of sweatshirts with the words «Zemfira».

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Contrary to the famous phrase in the world of fashion is not the quantity turns into quality, and Vice versa. Last year the Cyrillic alphabet was mastered luxury brands: the same Rubchinskiy did the collaboration with the British Burberry and Japanese brand Comme de Garçons. Now bet on Russian texts does massmarket. Adidas has released a t-shirt with the words «Soccer» and the American giant Urban Outfitters — with the words «Equality» and «Never». Favorite Philip Kirkorov British brand KTZ is also not left behind.

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After the United States and Europe, the hype surrounding the Cyrillic alphabet has gripped Japan. Brand G. V. G. V. presented things with the words «Sport», «Youth», «Red», «Black», and the Japanese designer Watanabe Junius stuffed t-shirt from the collection spring-summer 2017 comical inscriptions in Cyrillic: «the emblem of the flying club «Mosquito» and «Nicholas 78».

Western fashion bloggers are joking «Russian mafia conquers the world podiums». In response to the favorite model Rybchinskogo and Gvasalia Agency Lumpen Vsevolod Cherepanov, nicknamed «North» published in the picture the «Russian Mafia New World Order» («Russian mafia the New world order»). Cherepanova instagram instantly inundated with orders wishing to join the «Russian mafia» from all over the world — from USA to Australia. And now, Vogue is dedicating hooligan hoodies a separate feature.

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Crime theme, coupled with the Cyrillic alphabet in General is in high demand among Western dudes. Probably this explains the demand for the Russian brand of street wear Outlaw («outlaw») with their iconic print «the outlaw» (transcription of the English name), on St. Petersburg brand «Crime and punishment», prisoners producing things stitched with the words «Protection» and «Save and protect».

Levitate, levitate, levitate. @slavagee wearing «outlaw» winter coat. #outlaw_people

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Despite the enormous success of such brands abroad, at home these things are often criticized for unreasonably high prices and deliberate «ugly». So, clothing goshi Rybchinskogo (his hoodies are an average from 10 thousand roubles) has become a kind of meme, which even dedicate songs. Basically their message is reduced to the line of joint of the track rappers of Zama, Moniecki and SD: «I’m over the pants you gave to/a Maximum of a thousand». However, it is clear that dandy West are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to join the fashion for the Cyrillic alphabet.