The government of Catalonia invited 33 members from different countries to a referendum

© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina to vote at the referendum in Catalonia, Spain. 29 September 2017The government of Catalonia invited 33 members from different countries to a referendum© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina

Thirty-three members from 17 countries were invited to monitor the referendum on the independence of Catalonia, which is scheduled for October 1, reported in the official press release of the diplomatic Department of the government of Catalonia.

In an official document reported that «a delegation of 33 members from 16 European countries and Israel (formed) in order to closely monitor the political situation and development of the referendum on self-determination of Catalonia on Sunday; press Secretary of the delegation is former Minister of foreign Affairs of Slovenia Dimitrij Rupel».

«The participants represent a wide range of political views, some of them expressed concern about the current state of civil rights in Catalonia», — said in the document. Also, the press release notes that «the diplomatic Department of the government of Catalonia (Diplocat) organises a number of meetings with the participation of the members of the delegation both the supporters and opponents of the referendum, and will also generate different routes in Catalonia on the day of voting Saturday, the delegation will meet with representatives of various political parties».

On 1 October, the government of Catalonia plan to hold a referendum in which the citizens of the region asked to vote for or against the region’s independence from Spain. Spain’s constitutional court had earlier suspended all documents regarding the vote for independence on October 1, generalities and adopted by the Catalan Parliament. Thus, all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum illegal, the Spanish government previously has repeatedly stated that the referendum has no legal force.

According to polls, the independence of Catalonia supports 41% of the population of the Autonomous community, 49% oppose. For a referendum on the status of the Autonomous community are 80% of Catalans, but most of them believe that voting should be coordinated with the Central authorities in Madrid. The vote, which the government of Catalonia is going to hold on October 1, according to 60% of Catalans, is not legitimate and may not have any legal consequences.