The huntsman is unlikely to hand out cookies to the protesters, said Kosachev

© AFP 2017 / Stan HondaДжон the huntsman. Archival photoThe huntsman is unlikely to hand out cookies to the protesters, said Kosachev© 2017 AFP / Stan Honda

Approved by the Senate of the new US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman is a pragmatist who is unlikely to devote much time to trying to rebuild Russia and to hand out cookies to the protesters, told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

«The figure of the new US Ambassador to Russia, for obvious reasons, is of great interest. It is obvious that Donald trump was forced to look for a person that would be approved by Congress, which has taken under a magnifying glass everything that is done on the Russian direction», — said the Senator.

In this sense, John huntsman all arranged – he is not seen to be sympathetic to Russia, even though they had their business interests. In addition, he has diplomatic experience at the age of 32 he became the youngest Ambassador of the USA last century, taking the post in Singapore. Also he has experience with the major powers – in particular, China, where he also was Ambassador, he said Kosachev.

«This can be seen as a confirmation of the thesis that Washington when trump looks at Russia through the prism of China. If so, on the one hand, it’s a minus, because we believe our bilateral relationship is valuable in itself. On the other hand, there are pluses, because it is unlikely the new pragmatist and a politician at the head of the US mission in Moscow will pay so much time trying to rebuild Russia and to give «cookies» protesters», — he added.

The businessman and former Governor huntsman, for all his well-known disagreements with trump, something close to him and to the Secretary of state Tillerson Rex – «this is a people business, not much involved in the current anti-Russian hysteria and crazy in export values and the revolutions, as the people around Hillary Clinton,» said the parliamentarian. That, however, does not guarantee «easy life» with Russia, said Kosachev. «American businessmen are tough negotiators and know how to succeed. But even with the most tenacious negotiators easier to deal with than «teachers» and «judges», whom fancied himself many American politicians in a «dialogue» with Russia, which is often reduced to exhortations and reprimands,» — he stressed.

«So – ready to work with the new US Ambassador and of course I look forward to meeting him in Moscow», — said Kosachev.