The movie «It» became the highest grossing horror film in history

© New Line Cinema (2017)scene from the movie It. Archival photoThe movie «It» became the highest grossing horror film in history© New Line Cinema (2017)

Horror Andres, Mosketti «It» entered the history of cinematography, becoming the highest grossing horror film, said the head of the marketing Department of Warner Brothers sue Kroll, the words of which informs edition Variety.

The film grossed more than $ 500 million. Previously the highest grossing horror film was considered «the exorcist,» which earned $ 441 million.

«Reaching the level of $ 500 million — it’s not really difficult to a good blockbuster, but for a horror film that will go down in history. We can not be proud of this fact,» said Kroll.

She congratulated the Director andrés, Mosketti with similar success, and also noted that the film crew created a film that touched audiences around the world.

The film already ekranizirovana the book by Stephen king tells the story about seven teenagers in the town of Derry, where children who had been abducted creepy clown Pennywise.