The Republic of Altai will correct the violations identified by the accounts chamber

© Photo : SkydrinkerАлтайский State University (ASU). Archive photoThe Republic of Altai will correct the violations identified by the accounts chamber© Photo : Skydrinker

Noted the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation of violations and shortcomings in the work of the authorities of the Altai Republic are analyzed, partially fixed, however, a number of issues without Federal assistance is difficult to solve, said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the regional government, the Minister of Finance Olga Zavyalova.

Published September 28 report of the audit chamber of the Russian Federation refers to the problems of financing and execution of the budget of the Altai Republic. Also there have been problems in providing housing for orphans, the decline in receipt of free medical care, the failure to fully implement the programme of resettlement of dilapidated housing, low level of financial management, including the lack of control by the Executive over the activities of subordinate organizations.

«All of the violations noted in the inspection chamber, the analysis, private fixed already. So, in terms of the formation and control over execution of the given assignment conducted continuous inspection, all the issues worked out measures to prevent violations of accepted. Similar work was carried out in remarks to the part of the departmental control in procurement and a number of other», — said in comments Zavyalova.

She added that to address other problems identified by auditors difficult. In particular, such is the case with providing housing for orphans.

«We can say that this problem is not one of the Republic, and the majority of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. To solve it, we need more than 2 billion rubles, which is comparable to the revenues of the Republican budget of the Altai Republic. However, resources for these purposes it is annually allocated, the queue shortens» she said.

Also a daunting problem, according to the Deputy Chairman of the Republican government, is the shortage of territorial program of state guarantees of rendering to citizens of medical aid. «Every year, the average per capita funding provided by turprogrammu increases, and although we are sent annually funds for deficit reduction, to completely solve the problem without Federal assistance will be difficult,» — said Zavyalova.