Veniamin Smekhov: Lyubimov worked wonders at the crossroads of music, words, light

© RIA Novosti / Fred Greenbergian in fotobanka Lyubimov. Archival photoVeniamin Smekhov: Lyubimov worked wonders at the crossroads of music, words, light© RIA Novosti / Fred Greenbergian the image Bank

People’s artist of Russia, film Director, writer, famous tankovic Veniamin Smekhov told RIA Novosti about how the founder and leader of the legendary Taganka theatre Yuri Lyubimov worked «miracles.» at the time of the «Golden age» of «Taganka».

«10 days that shook the world»
«Now, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Yury Petrovich, I was lucky to participate in an interesting project — said laughing. — A play-fantasy of the young Director Maxim Didenko «10 days that shook the world» based on the famous performances of Yuri Petrovich on Taganka. Play a wonderful Studio Workshop Brusnikina. I can see how they work tirelessly, with incredible enthusiasm and joy as we once young. I’m happy to look at them. And I am amazed how much today too, as many offer Lyubimov».

According to the actor, it all takes place in the Museum of Moscow, where he opened a major exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Lyubimov and his theatre. The performance will be in all the halls of the Museum, and artists in the course of action will run into the room «Galileo», where sits the laughter, and he will tell us about the origins of this play and about the time of the Taganka.

How it all began

«I’m sort of on the inside will think of the life of our 52 years ago, — said laughing. — Lyubimov then puts this show together with us, a 25 year old. It was such a revolutionary young Blizzard excitement, when every day we brought in, and offered something different. Lyubimov called it a «synthetic actor». And joy this was called the Studio theatre, even when no one is snickering and his head was not lost. When all the «loves» of happiness that we are together, and from what was happening then in Moscow. The Soviet government did not like us in the open, and people «poured» in the theater. There were a lot of young people but even old people, who came, young again in her eyes.»

According to Smekhova, Lyubimov was not subordinated to any Bolshevik slogans. He rehabilitated all the theatrical styles and genres. It is not all — it was a circus, drama, tragedy, Comedy, melodrama, operetta, music hall…

Miracle at the crossroads

«Remember the phenomenon of the Silver age and the endless, sleepless happy life daring people today called «Russian avant-garde». Lyubimov was obviously infected, overjoyed phenomena Eisenstein, Meyerhold and the theatre, both in painting and in music. Traces of this in our artistic Council of the theater, where in addition to us group of close Lyubimov people were Nikolai Erdman, Mikhail Volpin, Dmitri Shostakovich… — people of the Silver age. Lyubimov was endowed with a gifted ear, he listened to everything I said, worked and created wonders at the junction, which is the theatre. Lyubimov was by nature endowed with the genius of this spark at the intersection of music, words, light, design…» — said laughing.

The actor said that the title was not Director of education, to which Yuri Petrovich was treated with humor, it also did not bind with the music, like hearing and was not, and poetry.

«All these things came to him as though nominally a simple way, — said laughing. — He was not ready to particulars — neither musician nor poet, nor painter. But as a result of the miracle that he performed at the crossroads, attracted and musical geniuses, poets, and men of science, who tried not to miss a single performance of taganki».

Of the regulars of the theatre laughing called Leonid Kogan, Sviatoslav Richter, Gidon Kremer, Peter Kapitsa…

«We knew then just what grabbed luck’s beard. Lyubimov didn’t let us or himself to perk up. Yes it was not time — worked 24 hours a day. No sleep, no rest — a happy and recognize only one deity in my life — the game with a capital letter. It’s a miracle, probably, that the Russian registration».

The main thing in life — the company

According to the actor, began with Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, and then his disciples Vakhtangov and Meyerhold, Tairov then. Born age directing, when not just anybody around the genius of the artist, and all together headed by the Director made up the ensemble.

«The main words that Lyubimov us repeat — this is a quote from Erdman: «the most important thing in the life of company», — said laughing. — What’s your company such you and success. Lyubimov created the company. The second genius of the Taganka artist David Borovsky said that «Lyubimov — genius collective work». Lyubimov himself studied together with my team, learned to create. This is an amazing thing — a combination of team and co-authorship. Taganka theater Lyubimov was coauthored theatre, studynet which was delayed for 20 years.» That was the «Golden age» of «Taganka».

Another method

Then there was the exile Lyubimov from the country, then return and turn in the other direction, according to Smekhova.

«In our time, Lyubimov decided the fate of the repertoire and the fate of their actors in the category of art, and only art, — said laughing. — And in modern times high value business and the damned money, it was already a category of business art. I always liked what he did Lyubimov. But it was still a different method. Meeting us in the morning, he said, «Well, what came kvel such as cows naidennye. Why didn’t you bring it?». We always brought something of their own. And in the new 21st century Yuri Petrovich demanded that the actors recorded the fact that he offers them. He acted as a conductor, controller, right action».

According to Smekhova, there was a time when the theatre was badly hurt too, and the actors, who thanks to him, learned a happy life, went to play abroad, allowed himself to speak on the topic «Golden calf». And Lyubimov closed the door of the theater and closed the story of «Taganka».

School Lyubimova

According to Smekhova in vain to find fault today, Irina Apeksimova (Director of theatre on Taganke). He believes that on the contrary — the farther it will «search» from big words about Lyubimov, the better.

«She’s looking for something new, but the actors, of course, stuffing Lyubimov theater, — said laughing. — I myself felt it when I put them in the play «No years» by Yevtushenko. They played it on the same recipe as we have worked in productions of Voznesensky, Mayakovsky, Evtushenko. And it happened because probably I am hard to uproot these minerals. And most importantly, that the actors really lend themselves to this, they want to be «family». Here in this phenomenon the genius of theater Lyubimov. Perhaps, when time and weather will be quiet with anniversaries, the word «Taganka» will be associated only with three names — Lyubimov, Borovsky and Vladimir Vysotsky».