About 53 thousand residents of Tula took part in nationwide subbotnik

© Photo courtesy of the government of the Tula oblasteista environmental action Green Russia in Tula. 30 September 2017About 53 thousand residents of Tula took part in nationwide subbotnik© photo courtesy of the government of the Tula region

About 53 thousand residents of Tula region joined the all-Russian ecological action «Green Russia», coming out on Saturday, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the government of Tula region.

«In all municipalities of the Tula region on 30 September were Saturdays, which were attended by about 53 thousand people. The region supported the all-Russian environmental campaign «Green Russia», – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the Governor Alexey Dyumin took part in the subbotnik in the Platonic Park in the city of Tula. The Park covers an area of 30 hectares. A year ago from residents in the nearby neighborhood asked that the area of woodland was desolated.

«We heard you. Now here done. Set in order many alleys, lanterns, benches,» he turned to the Tula Governor.

According to the government, a large contribution to the restoration of the Park has made the local company OHK «Shchekinoazot».
«The concept is the segregation of the natural recreational Park into two zones: «Culture and recreation» and «Nature and architecture». From the street celebration is organized by the main entrance. In the center of the site – a fountain, surrounded by benches and lawns with ornamental shrubs and a colonnade in the classical style. A track, established small architectural forms. To the left of the fountain organized a large children’s Playground. In the two extreme points of the embankment to the left and to the right of the rotunda,» — quoted the press service quoted the head of the company Boris Sokol.

All-Russian ecological subbotnik «Green Russia» was launched on 2 September. The event was aimed at improvement of environmental situation in cities and settlements of Russia, the formation of environmental consciousness and increasing of environmental culture of the population.

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