General Director of «VIM-Avia» was sent under house arrest

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in potencjalny Director of airline VIM-Avia Alexander Kochnev, a suspect in the theft of cash passengers, the Basmanny court of Moscow. 29 September 2017General Director of «VIM-Avia» was sent under house arrest© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

Basmanny court of Moscow sent under house arrest of the General Director of airline «VIM-Avia» Alexander Kochnev, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«The petition of the investigator to meet, to elect against the accused Kochneva 1966 a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest until November 25,» said judge Elena Lenskaya.

A consequence of said petition room Kochneva under house arrest, arguing that the freedom of the accused can put pressure upon witnesses and to disappear.

«The case was initiated on the fact of theft of cash passengers. The user could not carry out the execution of air travel, but continued selling tickets. In addition, the company has attempted to withdraw funds from the company abroad», — said the investigator in court, noting that «the founders of the company had absconded on the day of initiation of proceedings — September 25».

The Prosecutor of the RF IC was supported, noting that currently «there is an active phase of collecting evidence», respectively, Kochneva freedom should be limited, according to her, that he could not prevent the consequence.

Kochnev he requested to allow him two-hour walk. «I would like to ask permission of walks and meetings with the doctor in connection with the disease,» he said.

Counsel for the accused Michael crow said that he had spent in the building of SC for at least ten hours, and consequently in its judgment indicated that Kochnev «detained at the time of committing the crime.» The lawyer said that the company had difficulties in running a business, so it was not a deliberate theft of money.

Business September 27 was transferred to the senior investigator for particularly important cases under the Chairman of SC of the Russian Federation Rustam Gabdulin.

«VIM-Avia» on Monday officially admitted that it did not have the finances to continue the work. With the problems faced tens of thousands of customers «VIM-Avia» both in Russia and abroad. Transporting passengers under the control of the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency has joined other airlines. The transportation of passengers by scheduled flights «VIM-Avia» will be accepted until 15 October from 16 October to cease.