In Odessa there was a scuffle between supporters and opponents of Saakashvili

In the center of Odessa fighting supporters and opponents of SaakashviliIn Odessa there was a scuffle between supporters and opponents of Saakashvili

The share of supporters of the former head of the Odessa regional administration, the ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili in Odessa on Saturday at the monument to Duke began to fight, reports the Internet-the edition «Ukrainian truth» with reference to its own correspondent on the scene.

On Saturday, Saakashvili is scheduled to meet with his supporters in Odessa.

According to the newspaper, the meeting began at 16.00, Saakashvili himself at this time was not there, participation in the rally was attended by several hundreds of supporters of the policy.

At this time, opposite the place of the rally gathered a few dozen young people. They turned on loud music which made it difficult to speak to the protesters. According to the publication, after that, the supporters of Saakashvili by force tried to turn off the music, in a skirmish the police intervened, which stood in a cordon between the parties.

Deprived of Ukrainian citizenship Saakashvili on 10 September broke through the Ukrainian-Polish border. Criminal case under five articles. He said that he had not broken the law and will defend Ukrainian citizenship in court. The lawyer Saakashvili asked the migration service of Ukraine to recognize the policy of the person in need of complementary protection state to prevent the extradition of Saakashvili in Georgia, where former President faces up to ten years in prison. Against him openly, several investigations, including the embezzlement of public funds and seizure of Imedi TV.