Kudrin advised Russians to invest in government bonds

© Fotolia / Tomasz ZajdaМужчина removes the wallet. Archival photoKudrin advised Russians to invest in government bonds© Fotolia / Tomasz Zajda

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation center for strategic research, the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin recommends that the Russians on the background of reduction of profitability of Bank deposits to look at other investment instruments, particularly government bonds.

«Today many people worry about what to invest, what stocks and what companies. But there is a more reliable investment — bonds, both public and private companies. Bonds — interest more high…. I think we now have a reversal will occur in the direction of investing in the bonds», — he said at the fair of financial and exchange services FinFair.

According to Kudrin, the interest on deposits is now reduced, in the banks, they range from 4 to 6%. «But government bonds make up around 8%», — he said.

If you choose among the stock, the newcomers Kudrin advised to invest in blue chips and investment accounts. «It is better to start with simple things, then in complex sectoral investment. After a couple of years and in derivatives,» he believes.