Maduro believes that trump is obsessed with them

© AP Photo / Ariana CubillosПрезидент of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Archival photoMaduro believes that trump is obsessed with them© AP Photo / Ariana Cubillos

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday that his us counterpart, Donald trump obsessed with it.

«Donald trump every day I said something, Donald trump obsessed with Nicolas Maduro, it’s because I’m a working man, and he was accustomed to abuse in relation to workers and women. It’s all the same, really,» said Maduro during his speech at the state television.

Thus, according to Maduro, the US President would pay more attention to the problems of Puerto Rico after the passage of hurricane «Maria». «A terrible tragedy that befell the people of Puerto Rico, and Donald trump they all not going. Devote yourself to the government of his country, that you’ll run very poorly, conflicts and conflict, and none that you don’t decide,» – said the Venezuelan leader.

Maduro assured that he is full of strength to fight, especially when the us President calls him a dictator. «These people (of Venezuela) may not fall into the hands of such a tycoon like Donald trump,» he said.

Earlier, Maduro criticized trump for what he called Venezuela a «socialist dictatorship». He said that Venezuela is a democratic country, and under socialism cannot be dictatorships, as they are possible only under capitalism, where there is a political and economic elite, impose their will.