«Old» is back: why, again, love magazine

© photo from the community GoTape in «Vkontakte»Cassette to record in the case. Blanks businessmen purchased through different channels and are confident that they will not soon end.«Old» is back: why, again, love magazine© photos from the community GoTape in «Vkontakte»

Soviet camera «Zenit» re-enters the market in 2018, and in St. Petersburg restarted production of audio cassettes and phonograph records.

Two decades ago, music lovers had gotten rid of obsolete equipment — it was thought that it was the era of CDs. To digital units moved and the majority of photographers. But today, analog equipment is again in demand. The RIA Novosti correspondent found out from the enthusiasts, why the world is returning to pre-digital technologies.


Four years ago, Ilya Kvasov from St. Petersburg organized the production of cassettes. All has begun is banal — for many years he played in a rock band and wanted to record their songs on archaic media. When it became clear that the production of audio cassettes in Russia, Ilya has decided to create his and called Go Tape.

Knowledge about the production of tapes and recordings he had, had to read articles in old journals and on international forums in the Internet. In particular, it was unclear exactly how much you need a cassette tape to record a full length album. Studying a question Kvasov came across an old article about plant «Slavich» in Yaroslavl oblast, which in 1993 bought the Italian equipment for the production of cassettes.

He does not deny that the sound quality of his records is inferior to the stamping plant. For recording at home master takes French manufactured vinyl discs, and in specialized industrial plants use lacquer master disc, which is considered a benchmark of quality. The disc is soft, the metal copy, and it already has a stamp album. One press make 120 pieces per hour, and Alex during this time records.

Turning to Alex, members of the fan clubs, musicians or collectors, lovers listening to music on vinyl. Sometimes asked not only to record the disc with your favorite songs, but favorite poems and even greeting cards to loved ones.

© Alexey Sobolev Vinyl record cutting machine for the production in Saint-Petersburg«Old» is back: why, again, love magazine© Alexey Sobolev Vinyl record cutting machine for the production in Saint Petersburg

«My direction is exclusive, small print runs from one to 50 pieces. If people want more, then I send them to the factory where the vinyl stamp on an industrial scale,» he explains.

Sobolev is sure that vinyl have many advantages, the most important is the sound. It is considered to be alive, «it seemed you can touch it». «And what about the cover for the disc! It’s like the book collectors blow away the dust,» — said Sobolev.