Politicians on the criteria of appointing governors: age is not important

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Interviewed by RIA Novosti political scientists spoke about the criteria by which accepted the resignation and appointed acting heads of regions, as well as suggested should we expect a new personnel decisions in the near future.

Media and popular Telegram is the public, specializing in political predictions and insider, from the end of last week predicted a new wave of early retirements a number of heads of the Russian regions. Among the regions that, according to media reports, could fall under personnel changes, was Ivanovo, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, Omsk oblast, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Krasnoyarsk and Altai Krai.

The first has left his post as the Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin, after it was announced the resignation of the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Valery Shantsev. Wrote a letter of resignation, but has not yet received confirmation from the Kremlin, the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov. On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the head of the Nenets Autonomous district Igor Koshin. And on Friday head of the Krasnoyarsk territory Viktor Tolokonsky, who announced his resignation on Wednesday.

On Friday holding «Minchenko Consulting» published report «Politburo 2.0 and governors», which implies that the resignation can also leave the head of Kalmykia, North Ossetia, Primorski Krai Vladimir and Voronezh regions, as well as the Governor of St. Petersburg.

The change of the reference

Despite a certain nervousness that accompanies the latest series of resignations, the Kremlin demonstrates a surprising predictability, says expert at the Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Slatinov.

«It is often said that the personnel policy of the Kremlin opaque that there is no clear criteria, but this time we see a certain amount of predictability – and the resignations and appointments,» says Slatinov, noting that the element of unpredictability still remains, and an example is still not accepted resignation of the head of Dagestan Ramazan abdulatipova.

According to the expert, the criteria, according to which there is a rotation of the governors and several.

«Efficiency, especially in the management of socio-economic development of the region, level of popularity or unpopularity, the presence or absence of domestic elite conflict and serious Federal lobbyists who either contribute, or, conversely, prevent the retirement or appointment,» explains Slatinov.

Moreover, according to him, in specific stories of certain criteria «shoot» in different ways: in one case is a child or a long-term management of the region and the fatigue of the population, in the other — a combination of criteria.

As an example, combinations of criteria, the expert cited the head of the Krasnoyarsk territory Viktor Tolokonsky, the reason for the resignation which, in his opinion, was «nevesomost» in the local landscape and simultaneously unmanifest for the governorship expected efficiency.

«Greening» is not a criterion

Thus, according slatinova, the «greening» of the governors, on the possible cause of his resignation said the head of Dagestan Abdulatipov, the criterion is not, this is a political line.

Agree with him the head of Fund «the Petersburg policy» Michael Vinogradov.

«The mood for rejuvenation there, but the care (the former head of the NAO – ed.) Igor Koshin shows that there are other moments, like the appointment at the time acting more age of heads of Karelia and Mari El,» — said Vinogradov.

Clean business executives

The General Director of Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev also believes that it’s not the age. In his opinion, the change of regional elites.

«The trend is not physical rejuvenation, and to change culture and management style, so changing governors, business executives,» said Zhuravlev.

According to him, an example of such a Manager can be considered to have resigned this week the former head of the Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev.

«Shantsev is the reference Manager, there is now removed, to understand that the standards change. We need people with a more flexible political style, capable of a broader political coalition, and the economy is able to more modern approaches,» says the analyst.

Zhuravlev stressed that there would come a people who will not interfere with business to create a modern economy, it will do so organically, not through «can’t.»

«Orescence» regional elites

According slatinova, the image of the new regional leader is a young technocrat who has a serious management history primarily in the Federal government. He notes that this trend is partially evident at the Federal level.

«We have a strong hardware and political strengthening of Minister (of economy and development of Maxim — ed.).. Indeed, this ambitious young Minister, a typical technocrat. And I would say that in the regions now is «orescence» local elites. That is, a young ambitious officials with bureaucratic good credit history of travel to regions in order to improve the quality of regional governance, accelerate economic growth, and solve regional issues after the presidential election, because it’s very important,» explains Slatinov.

Politicians on the criteria of appointing governors: age is not important© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything photobacteria in the rotation can go at the Federal level, I think, politologiya to the expert, the rotation of the Governor’s staff solves two main tasks: working on the upcoming presidential campaign and the future at the same time accelerating economic growth.

«Technocratization management corps in the regions occurs so rapidly because the two problems are: regions where the governors are tired of where they are ineffective, the change of the first person gives a bonus to the main candidate of the presidential campaign. But at the same time solve the second task: to rationalize immediately after the election of the regional administration, to make it through the Kremlin technocrats more effective», — said Slatinov.

He notes that, apparently, the Federal government is really concerned about the prospect of accelerating economic growth and one of the most important provisions in this regard, the Kremlin sees the quality of regional governance.

Not the last

Are you satisfied with the work of the head of your region?

  • Yeah, I have no complaints
  • There is progress, but the effort is clearly not enough
  • The head of my region it is necessary to change


  • 14.5%

    Yeah, I have no complaints

  • 28.1%

    There is progress, but the effort is clearly not enough

  • 57.4%

    The head of my region it is necessary to change

All prosegregation predict the end of the beginning of a wave of resignations by November-December.

«There are force majeure situation, but I think in September-October it would be logical to complete the rotation, or otherwise creating nervousness among the elite», — said Vinogradov.

«I would have gone on retirement. Terms of power rankings in General, resignation is a good thing. The population is like» – says Zhuravlev, however, he notes that they must end some time before the election.

According slatinova, we can talk about two scheming new wave of resignations. The first will be minimum program or the program maximum. Politicians talk about the existence of two lists of candidates for retirement: one in five or six names, the second their greater than 10.

Politicians on the criteria of appointing governors: age is not important© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in photobanks the Kremlin does not agree with the opinion that the Governor was a «technical»»Second question – over there,» — said Slatinov.

In his opinion, most of the appointments and resignations over a period of months.

«This whole machine control will have to earn at full capacity by the beginning of the presidential campaign: there will be new acting, will enter into the role, people should feel about the positive emotions, and regional elites have to signal that you can continue to engage in the presidential campaign., and not to tremble at the fact, relieve you or not,» he explains.

The analyst notes that it is impossible to exclude the possibility of new resignations during the presidential campaign.

«When the campaign will begin with a redistributed pattern, with defined participants, the scenario campaign begins to unfold, and the Kremlin will see how it unfolds. If there are any factors that will demand from the Kremlin, a new vivid symbolic gestures can be more dismissals,» he said.