Ryazan region should become a region with a high quality of life

© Photo : fotki.yandex.ru/users/melanzh-alesei/Михайлов, Ryazan oblast. Archive photoRyazan region should become a region with a high quality of life© Photo : fotki.yandex.ru/users/melanzh-alesei/

Governor Nikolai Lyubimov in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Ryazan region urged residents to make sure that she was included among the regions with the highest quality of life, informs on Friday the regional government.

Solemn event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Ryazan region, was held September 29, in the regional Philharmonic society.

«Regions, like people, have their own destiny. The history of Ryazan region is inextricably linked with the fate of Russia. For centuries the village was built, he worked tirelessly defended the Fatherland. Through perseverance, determination, bravery and optimism of our countrymen could win and to take the high road always and everywhere», — said at the celebration Lyubimov.

The head of the region noted that Ryazan gave Russia and the world a lot of bright, talented people: great scientists, engineers, military leaders, explorers, writers, poets, composers and artists. According to him, today the residents of the area continue the best traditions of their predecessors.

«Our region makes a significant contribution to the domestic industry and agriculture. We are actively developing small business. We are willing to come from other regions to see the sights and beautiful nature of our region. I meet with people in a variety of formats, the enterprises, working visits, round tables, I made sure that Ryazantsev love and know how to work, love their country, cherish their homeland. I am confident that together we will be able to do for development of the Ryazan region very much,» — said Lyubimov.

According to the Governor, joint efforts have to continue working on the implementation of the may decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, to develop the economy, to attract in the region of the investment, modernize the existing production. The priority task remains active the formation of the digital economy, creating jobs and ensuring social lifts for young people, so the village could find a use for their knowledge and abilities in their native land.

«We will actively engage in social infrastructure, rebuilding roads, improvement of cities and rural settlements, and thus forming a comfortable environment. In short, will do everything to ensure that our beautiful Ryazan region was among the regions with high quality of life,» he said.

Cooperation with the community

On Friday, Lyubimov in the regional government presented the badge «In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Ryazan region», the best workers of agriculture, industry, health, education and culture. Awards were given to more than 50 people. The Governor stressed that each of the participants of the ceremony with his talent and work makes a worthy contribution to the prosperity of the region.

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the region Lyubimov met with members of the public organization «Ryazan community in Moscow». The Governor thanked members of the community in activities to protect the interests of the region, expansion of scientific, business and social contacts Ryazantsev with fellow countrymen in Moscow, the preservation and promotion of scientific and creative heritage of the countrymen. Co-Chairman of the Ryazan Association in Moscow Anatoliy Muranov noted that the organization is established more than 20 years ago and all these years successfully cooperates with the government of the Ryazan region.

«We are facing two tasks: providing assistance to compatriots in Moscow, which is home to more than 500 thousand, and the second using the Ryazan region. We must not only preserve what has already been developed, but to develop our interaction. I hope that with your arrival, Nicolai, cooperation and communities of the region will be intensified,» Muranov said.

The participants of the meeting discussed areas of cooperation between the community and the government of the region and has also supported the resumption of the coordinating Council of fraternities at the Governor of the Ryazan region.

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