the fire at the Kiev station in Moscow killed two people

© RIA Novosti . Dmitry Gornostaeva in the area of the Kiev station. Archival photothe fire at the Kiev station in Moscow killed two people© RIA Novosti . Dmitry Gornostayev

Two homeless people died Friday night in a fire in the car on the territory of the Kiev station in Central Moscow, told RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the capital.

«When the fire at the derelict train at the station «Kiev-Sorting» killed two homeless people,» — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the circumstances of the fire and identity of the dead set.

As explained RIA Novosti the representative of the Moscow Central Board MOE, the fire in the car was eliminated the fire train of the Russian Railways, there are victims.

«Today at 18:40 at the station Moscow-Tovarnaya Kiev was smoke in a separate written off the car, located far from the main ways. Into place immediately I arrived the fire train, which eliminated the smoke. As the carriage is stalled, the movement of trains is not affected by the incident,» — said in the Railways.

Information on victims is specified. The event reasons are established. According to preliminary data, ignition could occur because of the intervention of unauthorized persons.