The poet Katsev about Lyubimov: he was wrong, speaking about the culture of modern Russia

© RIA Novosti / Anatoly to Gardenparty in photobacteria Director, Creator and artistic Director of the Taganka Theater Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov. Archival photoThe poet Katsev about Lyubimov: he was wrong, speaking about the culture of modern Russia© RIA Novosti / Anatoly to Gardenparty the image Bank

The outstanding Soviet and Russian theater Director, actor and teacher Yury Lyubimov September 30, would have turned 100 years until the jubilee, he did not live only three years. On his impressions of a human epoch, reformer of the Russian theater scene, the chief Director of the Taganka Theater, RIA Novosti said the Russian-American journalist, broadcaster, poet and writer Gennady Katsev.

Their meeting with Yuri Lyubimov occurred in June 2002 in new haven, Connecticut. There was another «international festival of ideas and arts.» Each season the Festival presents music and theatre program, stars of the contemporary scene and new artists. In that year the list of honored guests was the Theatre on Taganka.

«It was the first-ever theatre tour of the USA. Lubimov brought the play by Peter Weiss «Marat and de Sade» with Valery Zolotukhin and Aleksandr Tsurkan in the lead roles. I arrived the day of the show performance in new haven in the early morning, fortunately, on the car ride back from new York an hour and a half, met with Turcan, and he has introduced me to Lyubimov and his wife Katalin. She handled all administrative Affairs in the theater. Around felt, she meant there, no less than the chief Director,» recalls the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

He Katsev was in those years the chief editor of a popular new York weekly, and offer to give an interview to «how Glavred – Glavred» Yuri Petrovich agreed «easily and with a sense of humor.»

Open and without pathos

«As it turned out, in fellowship with him there was no strain on the household level, it has not built any distance,» — said the publicist.

«Naturally sounded that Lyubimov is in constant creative search, he admired modern productions of Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson, and that he impressed with a brilliant performance of «Electra» Japanese Director Tadashi Suzuki,» he says.

He adds that a conversation with Lyubimov was like an old friend: «Calm, well thought out speech, confident look sent to the interviewee, very thoughtful and respectful attitude to each question. The impression was that we had not met, I’m just rusty, but he remembers».

Katsev admitted that most surprised him this frankness Lyubimova: «Rather, the sense of looseness and freedom, which is not expect from influential in Russian culture, who lived in the USSR for most of his adult life, excluding four years spent in foreign exile.»
Someone knocked on the door, he thought — with the KGB, we found he was dead Vysotsky

Lyubimov told that night, and about life in exile and before her. Of course, he failed to remember one of the most tragic events in his life – the death of Vladimir Vysotsky. To hear about the departure of prominent artist Lyubimov did not expect, and had very different expectations. «At five in the morning his long calls at the door woke a theater artist David Borovsky, first reported the death of actor, Lyubimov thought at 5 in the morning it can take only to the Lubyanka. In 1980 the authorities to it had a lot of pressure and could happen», says the writer.

Katsev says that in the beginning of «zero» Lyubimov was somewhat disappointed at the Russian cultural establishment: «We talked about the fact that when he was stripped of his Soviet citizenship, a lot of people around the world worried about its future. My question is, if he could imagine a similar situation with any artist present, Lyubimov said that everything in Russia is fragmented, busy surviving and making money, so no one who does not stand up».

The writer believes that the situation with discussion around the case of Kirill Serebrennikov and the fact that cultural figures stood up for him, can say that in modern Russia there have been shifts. «It seems that either Lyubimov was wrong on the part of modern Russia, or in Russia, something seriously has changed,» he said.

Flowers once a year and ring on a first date

A special role in the life of Yuri Lyubimov took his wife Katalin, who was not just a companion, but has actively participated in all creative endeavors of the Director. Recall that Lyubimov met a Hungarian journalist and translator Katalin Kunz in 1976, when the theatre came to Hungary on a tour. After Katalin arrived in Moscow as correspondent of the Hungarian magazine «Film, theatre and music», and two years after the first meeting, Lyubimov, who was already 61 years old, and 32-year-old Katalin were married.

«I was under the impression that by Catalin he was surrounded by care and attention. She was not involved in our conversation, but occasionally appeared interested in his health, they say, is everything in order? Then in a conversation with me she told that Yury Petrovich is a good character, he’s not a brawler, but it becomes intolerable when not working: relax, maybe no more than two weeks,» says the writer.

After admitted him Katalin in communication after the interview, flowers Lyubimov gave her once a year, on her birthday. «Interestingly, she noted a positive feature of permanence, that is, it does not change and that, as she said, it is a mystery,» — said the source RIA Novosti. When they met in Budapest, Lyubimov ready she was to give the girl a ring on his hand. «She found out that Lyubimov is a ring received as a gift from the famous Spanish actress Nuria Esper. Katalin from gift refused, but she was impressed with what this ring is, without a doubt, he was ready to give her a day of fun. I remember this story surprised, as gifts are usually not re-given. But for the sake of the beloved, apparently, you can go against tradition,» he says.

Taken, as always, enthusiastically

Flowers and applause for Yuri Lyubimov was followed everywhere. No exception was the memorable for the writer’s night in the United States. «In General, the Taganka Theatre was enthusiastically received, there was a lot of Russian speakers, who came from several neighboring States to see the production of the beloved theater. Lyubimov repeatedly came out for an encore, was called to the scene Katalin, both bowed and sent to public air kisses. The stage was littered with flowers,» recalls the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

«Of course, after the show, Yuri Petrovich looked tired, but he seemed satisfied. We agreed to meet with him in new York, I promised to show him a Manhattan, because by the time it was written in my book «new York: history and geography». However, they have Katalin something time did not work, we never got to meet you», regrets he.