The vote in Catalonia may be held in churches and hospitals

© AP Photo / Manu FernandezМассовые demonstrations in defense of the unity of Catalonia and Spain in Barcelona. 19 March 2017The vote in Catalonia may be held in churches and hospitals© AP Photo / Manu Fernandez

Voting October 1, on the independence of Catalonia can be organized in churches and hospitals, if law enforcement agencies will prevent its implementation in schools, said RIA Novosti Deputy of the far-left party «Candidacy of National unity» of the Catalan Parliament Carles Riera.

«The government cannot close public institutions such as hospitals. All of society has provided its premises, including a Church,» he said.

The MP also accused the Spanish authorities of «unleashing repression,» but expressed confidence that the people «will be able to resist it through non-violent resistance». «70 thousand people can protect schools, there are thousands of volunteers who are willing to support the smooth conduct of this election,» said Riera.

«The candidacy of national unity» represented in the Catalan Parliament ten deputies. She has taken a very leftist and believes that Catalonia should become an independent Republic.

On the eve of the official representative of Generalitat Jordi Turul said that 5.3 million Catalans will vote in a referendum on the region’s independence from Spain. 2315 will be open polling stations. Meanwhile, the head of the Catalan police, the Mossos d’esquadra Josep Luis Trapero, following the order of the High court of Catalonia, ordered from six in the morning Sunday to take control of polling stations.

The night before, parents with children at the call of the school Association «occupied» some of the educational institutions of Catalonia, to prevent law enforcement agencies to close them on the day of voting. In some schools, there were incidents, four people were injured in a shooting from the pneumatic weapon near one of the schools in Manlleu (Barcelona province). Currently, people are in 163 schools, all of them warned that up to six in the morning they must leave the building.

The vote in Catalonia may be held in churches and hospitalsThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona