White house staff questioned in the case about the «intervention» of Russia

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisЗдание the White house in Washington, USA. Archival photoWhite house staff questioned in the case about the «intervention» of Russia© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Spectacular to investigate the alleged intervention of the Russian Federation in elections in the United States, Robert Mueller began to interrogate employees of the White house, reports Fox News citing sources.

According to the channel, on Thursday questioned the acting adviser to the President of the United States national security, the General-the Lieutenant in resignation of Joseph Keith Kellogg. In particular, they talked about the former Advisor to Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn.

According to one source channel, Kellogg was shows the data related to the investigation of Flynn’s relations with Russia.

The investigation of alleged Russian interference in American elections, as well as alleged links with Russia’s President Donald trump, who deny in the White house and the Kremlin, is in the FBI and in Congress. Spectaculorum of inquiry was appointed the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of attempts to influence elections in the United States, and Sands called them «completely unfounded».

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking about alleged Russian intervention in elections in the United States, France and Germany, said that there are no facts confirming it, no. Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the fact that the United States around the world interfering in other people’s political processes, but are offended by Russia, which allegedly interfered in their elections, but for the Russian Federation such interference does not make sense.