In Omsk the woman with a roommate abused three young children

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Insurance investigators in Omsk finished investigation of criminal case against 31-year-old woman and her 40-year-old boyfriend charged with abusing three children women, according to the Investigative Department of the RF IC in the region.

«According to investigators, in the city of Omsk defendants generally were in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, repeatedly with a belt and a stick to beat children women, seven year old boy and his sisters, 11 and 9 years, for the slightest infraction: bad grades in school, lessons unlearned, unwashed dishes, unmade room and even for the fact that children without permission taking food from the refrigerator and candy, and the boy in the punishment of another and locked in the pantry», — stated in the message.

The Department noted that the fear of mother’s anger, children of a long time no one talked about such violent methods of upbringing. About what is happening in the family became known only when a first grader stopped coming to lessons, social worker came to his house and saw that the beaten child is sitting in a locked closet with a head wound. After that, children were removed from families.

«During the investigation, the woman partially admitted his guilt, explaining that punishing kids for education. Her partner denied involvement in the crimes, but the investigation has received objective evidence that the accused did not care about the children and had a negative influence ill-treatment and the use of unlawful methods of education with the use of mental and physical violence», — reported in the UK.

The investigation of the criminal case on articles about the cruel treatment of minors by a group of persons and the failure by parent of its obligations with a cruel attitude towards them has been completed. Now it is directed to October district court of Omsk for consideration.