International experts discussed the place of youth in the modern world

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousova International Ministerial meeting of heads of departments of youth Affairs in Moscow, in the XIX world festival of youth and students.International experts discussed the place of youth in the modern world© RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov

In Moscow began the work of the Ministerial meeting of the heads of departments involved in the implementation of youth policy. It involved experts from more than 70 countries around the world. Within three days they will share with colleagues the best practices of implementation of the state youth policy and to discuss further ways of cooperation in this field.

The event takes place on the eve of the XIX world festival of youth and students (WFMS), which starts in Sochi in a few days.

Young all the way

At the opening ceremony of the meeting were identified the main trend, which will become the keynote not only of this event but also the upcoming festivals. All speakers stressed that at present, the youth is the main driving force and the main component of the political, social and economic life of society.

In addition, as stated by the envoy of the UN Secretary General on youth Affairs of Jayamma Wikramanayake, the younger generation is the key to sustainable development, peace and security.

She also noted that over the past 20 years in the youth policy there has been significant progress, but more needs to be done.

«Today young people do not fully realize their potential as agents of the future. We leave behind the young, while it is the most important asset possessed by our country, is the key to sustainable development, peace and security,» — said Wikramanayake.

Therefore, according to her, the priorities of youth policy must be supported by a large amount of investment, and work with youth organizations and young experts in various fields should be given great attention.

Russia already has considerable experience in this area, and programs to support youth, and work with it successfully implemented at different levels. As noted by Deputy Prime Minister on sport, tourism and youth policy Vitaly Mutko, the country has established a permanent dialogue with active young people who can realize themselves in any field.

«The youth is the future of any country and the world, and in the Russian Federation it is given the most attention, including the President of Russia, which is involved in different forums and venues. Also the development of youth policy pays great attention to the country’s Parliament. <…> We have a lot of interesting developments in the field of youth policy, especially on issues of support and opportunities young talented people in different spheres of life. We have it very seriously debugged: it is presidential grants, forums, which take place in a country where young people have the opportunity to communicate, to share experiences, different platforms,» he said.

Mutko also said that the country is serious support of various youth associations, including search and construction units, and at the level of legislation and funding. In addition, the Russians have considerable experience of participation in volunteer movement, which began to develop from the summer Universiade in Kazan in 2013. At the moment, according to Deputy Prime Minister, volunteering involves millions of young activists.

«Support is also provided to children who are in difficult life situations, support for young families that receive assistance from the state in solving their housing issues,» he added.

The youth plays an important role in the fate of the country. Today the young people at the age of 18 can not only be voters, but elected to governing bodies. In General, as noted Mutko, Russia has been a tendency to rejuvenation of the structural bodies. For example, in the last gubernatorial elections was attended by many people at the age from 30 to 40 years, and the youngest Governor currently working in Kaliningrad region, 30.

Joint efforts

To share experiences in youth policy representatives of 150 countries will be part of the festival in Sochi. As noted by the participants of the Ministerial meeting, WFMS will become an important platform for dialogue where young experts will be able to develop common views and approaches to existing world problems that must be addressed jointly.

«Issues of youth policy places young people in the modern world, its future cannot be discussed in isolation from each other, need to share experiences, to communicate not only via social networks», — noted the Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Pavel Zenkovich.

In addition, festival participants will have the opportunity to expand your circle of friends and acquire new acquaintances that can develop into long lasting friendship, said the rector of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Victor Sadovnichy. To contribute to this international Union of young scientists, the creation of which will be discussed in Sochi.

Sadovnichy also said that one of the most important and pressing topics on the agenda of the festival will be the availability and quality of education, including University: «Youth advocates that education was of high quality, affordable and global. So all young people can focus in modern science, social, economy.»

In General, the participants of the Ministerial meeting highly evaluated the prospects for the world festival of youth and students in Russia, and also expressed the hope that young experts will be able to come to a common consensus in solving problems not only within their States but also on the world stage.