The Israeli Ambassador called upon after the United States to withdraw from UNESCO

CC0 / Almog / buildingЗдание Foreign affairs office of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel in Jerusalem. Archival photoThe Israeli Ambassador called upon after the United States to withdraw from UNESCOCC0 / Almog / the Foreign affairs office building

Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Cohen urged to follow suit and leave the ranks of an international organization.

Us authorities announced on Thursday about the decision from 2019 to withdraw from UNESCO and to continue working there as an observer. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then instructed the foreign Ministry to prepare the country’s withdrawal from the organization along with the United States.

«Until today I was of the opinion that we should not withdraw from UNESCO, despite all her crazy decisions. Now, after the US withdraws, mostly, because of the persecution of Israel to UNESCO, in my opinion, you should go with them immediately,» he wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

Israel has tense relations with UNESCO, which regularly disputed the legitimacy of its control over the historic center of Jerusalem and meaningful to Jewish history and tradition, parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river.

In a series of resolutions adopted by an automatic majority, the organization calls Israel the occupying power and its ongoing excavations and other works condemned as a violation of international law.

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