A chance at a new life: the FPS will increase the level of psychological care to prisoners

© RIA Novosti / Ivan to Runability in fotomontagen the perimeter of the colony. Archival photoA chance at a new life: the FPS will increase the level of psychological care to prisoners© RIA Novosti / Ivan to Runepalace the image Bank

STO penitentiary psychologists from all over the country until the end of the year will be a refresher course under the guidance of professors of the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate continuous education of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, told RIA Novosti Deputy chief of management of educational, social and psychological work of the Federal penitentiary service Colonel of internal service Feodor Ushkov.

Courses on the programme «Psychotherapy and medical psychology» are held on the basis of capital management FSIN of Russia from October. Until the end of the year it is planned to improve the skills of 100 employees of psychological services, the work will continue in 2018. As part of the educational course departmental psychologists took part in the international Congress of psychotherapists and psychologists in Moscow.

A chance at a new life

According to Ushkova, now in the prison system are serving more than 3.3 thousand psychologists. They work in the institutions executing punishment, accompany the persons who are registered in criminal-Executive inspections, and provide psychological assistance to staff in the management of the escort, in the protection unit, the special forces units, in higher education Department.

«First and foremost we pay attention to minors who violated the law. To continue a normal life and become productive members of society, they need support, including psychological,» — said the Agency interlocutor. The plans of the Federal penitentiary service until the end of the year to prepare for two psychologists of each institution where juveniles are detained.

Ushkov said that the task of prison psychologists is to help minors to adjust their future behavior to make it socially acceptable, «because everyone has a chance to start life anew.»

«The knowledge acquired during the course, we need to provide timely psychological assistance, to maintain an optimal psycho-emotional state of staff members so they at a high enough level performed their duties,» — said the source.

Plans for the future

The representative of the Federal penitentiary service said that the Concept of development of the penal correction system until 2020 provides for the development of psychotherapeutic trends of activities of the prison psychologists, which every day faced with many unique situations and needs professional help for psychological support of persons in places of deprivation of liberty.

«We have set a goal to meet modern standards and level of psychological assistance, to 2021-2022 year in each institution must be at least one person with the formation of a clinical psychologist,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the vocational retraining of specialists on the course «clinical psychology» is also at the Academy of the Federal penitentiary service of Ryazan, and in 2017 — on the basis of Tomsk Institute of improvement of professional skill of workers of the correctional system. In addition, this year began to take the course of training of cadets of the faculty of psychology of the Academy of the Federal penitentiary service, who by graduation will receive a diploma and a psychologist, and a diploma of professional retraining in clinical psychology.