Found a way to create the cure for all diseases, said biochemist

CC BY-SA 4.0 / Duncan.Hull / Professor Luke O NeillПрофессор immunology Luke O’neillFound a way to create the cure for all diseases, said biochemistCC BY-SA 4.0 / Duncan.Hull / Professor Luke O’neill

In our body in different ways are constantly pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. After talking with the other person, after sitting in a stuffy auditorium or just driving in the subway, we can acquire thousands of different pathogens! Why are we not constantly sick? Saves us the immune system. It recognizes a variety of pathogens — from viruses to parasites, and distinguishes them from the molecules of the cells. Its agents, phagocytes, engulf harmful foreign particles and dead cells in our body.

At the science Festival held in Moscow from 6 to 8 October, held a lecture Professor Luke O’neill — head of the group, which is developing a molecular cure for the disease caused by improper functioning of the immune system. Professor Luke O’neill chair of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and directs a research group on inflammation. In 2016 he was named by Thompson Reuters (scientific calculations) one of the most quoted immunologists in the world.

Abnormalities in the immune system cause of multiple sclerosis, type II diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and others. The group of Professor O’neill examines a potent inhibitor of MCC950, which significantly slows down the unwanted activation of NLRP3. It was proved experimentally, the inhibitor «worked» in the cells of mice and humans.

— No, because MCC950 does not block the action of the immune system against germs, allowing it to continue to protect the body. The fact that MCC950 works only against NLRP3, and other inflammasome, such as AIM2, NLRC4 or NLRP1, continue to operate. This new molecule is different from many strong anti-inflammatory drugs. The half-life of our medication is only three and a half hours. And, of course, before you give medicine to people, we conduct studies in rats and dogs.

© Alina Polarisabilities image inflammasomeFound a way to create the cure for all diseases, said biochemist© Alina Polarisabilities image inflammasome

Is there a way to strengthen the immune system to help it work correctly?



— Of course! No one canceled the usual recommendations: adequate sleep, proper nutrition, active brain activity, physical exercise. Never rely solely on medication, much to preserve health, we can do yourself. But sometimes a person is powerless in the processes running in his body. And then come to the aid of our medicine. I hope that we will be able to complete the surveys in the near future, and the result will be the creation of virtually perfect drug.