Geologists have found «missing» in Primorye tiger

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Animamundi tiger. Archival photoGeologists have found «missing» in Primorye tiger© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

Scientists have established the whereabouts of the tiger Artem, who previously underwent rehabilitation and was released in Primorye, and after his GPS collar has stopped to detect the beast helped the staff of the geological base, according to ANO «Center for the study and conservation of the Amur tiger».

Tiger Artem caught in 2016 in the suburbs of the city of Artyom in the Primorye territory after he killed a cow there, after which the predator was placed in a rehabilitation center, he was later released into the wild in hunting the «tiger», near the Ussuri nature reserve. The beast wore a collar with a GPS module.

In the hunting Department of the Krai received a message from employees of the geological base in Dalnerechensky district near wandering tiger, equipped with a collar. The animal was shot on video, noted in ANO.

In place of the departed experts. They studied the footprints of the tiger, interviewed people, and came to the conclusion that the predator lives in one place for two months. This area will be monitored. The signal from the radio collar Artem caught only at short distances, the report said.

Scientists suggest that the tiger feels good. Judging by the video, he is quite fat anyway. Satisfied that the beast did not come into conflict with man, precise in the Center.