The hydrographic service of the Northern fleet receives the latest equipment

© Photo : Ministry of defence Receiveroperating the ship of the Northern fleet. Archive photoThe hydrographic service of the Northern fleet receives the latest equipment© Photo : Russian defense Ministry

The hydrographic service of the Northern fleet is provided with the latest navigation, lighting and other equipment in the near future the system will return to the vessel «Romuald, Muklevich», told reporters the head of the hydrographic service of the Northern fleet captain 1 rank Igor Naumov.

According to him, is doing a great job for the smooth functioning of navigational equipment areas hydrographic services. In addition, the continued optimization of the whole system of navigation and hydrographic support. He noted that systematically carried out the construction and repair of waterway signs, the implementation and effective operation of modern lighting equipment.

«We have more than ten years ago abandoned the use of potentially hazardous radioisotope energy sources. Today they are replaced by solar panels. Continued work on the improvement of residential townships serviced lighthouses. This year a significant amount of restoration work performed on the lighthouses of the White sea Madurska and Tersko-Orlovskiy», — said Naumov.

He also said that after deep modernization and equipment with modern means of navigation and Oceanography in 2018 is planned to return the survey vessel «Romuald, Muklevich», which will also be involved in Arctic research.

«An important element in ensuring combat readiness of the fleet is the uninterrupted supply of ships, shore units with maps, guides and AIDS to navigation, marine navigation and Oceanography from sextina to the navigation system for strategic submarine, as well as liaising with the shared navigation apparatus industrial enterprises», — added the head of service.