The United States accused Russia of opacity during exercises «West-2017»

© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability in photolanguage the West. Archival photoThe United States accused Russia of opacity during exercises «West-2017»© Sputnik / Viktor to Trackability the image Bank

The US has no concerns about a possible increase of Russia’s military presence near the borders of NATO countries after the exercises «West-2017», said Thursday the U.S. permanent representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison.

During an interview with the Washington Post, which was broadcast on the newspaper’s website, a journalist asked Hutchison whether there are concerns about increasing Russian military presence after the «West-2017». «I can’t say for sure, but our people followed closely (with exercise — ed.) and they have no concern on this issue,» she said.

The US Ambassador accused Russia of alleged opacity in the conduct of the exercise. In particular, she recalled that «in accordance with the Vienna agreements, the parties are required to be transparent and to allow observers to work in cases where the exercise involved more than 13 thousand troops».

«There was much more,» said Hutchison, but were unable to give precise figures. «It was a great show. We watched him how it was possible,» she said, mentioning, in particular, the receipt of intelligence information.

Joint strategic exercises «West-2017» was held on the territory of Belarus and Russia from 14 to 20 September under the leadership of the chiefs of General staffs of the armed forces of the two countries. The maneuvers were watched by 95 representatives from 50 countries. The exercises were involved 12,7 thousands of troops were involved up to 680 units of armament and military vehicles, 70 aircraft and helicopters, 10 ships.

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said earlier that the concerns of the Western media about the aggressive nature of the exercises «West-2017» is not justified, the maneuvers were purely defensive in nature.