When you say only the eyes: in the monastery taught immobilized children

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Marfo-Mariinsky elitelimousine in respece in the Marfo-Mariinsky monasteryWhen you say only the eyes: in the monastery taught immobilized children© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Marfo-Mariinsky obiteljske she said

How to deal with completely immobilized child? This is a question asked by many parents who can’t find a way to interact with children who have cerebral palsy. Specialists kindergarten for children with cerebral palsy at the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery found the answer: with a computer. About what kind of care is provided to seriously ill children in the Moscow monastery in the report to RIA Novosti.

The head of the monastery kindergarten Tatiana with their wards tested the eye tracker system control computer with your eyes. «We’re very impressed. Even one of our five-year-old boy, who first ran the computer with the eyes, managed. He immediately realized how it works, what you need to hold your opinion, for example, on the cross to close any program,» she says.

The computer has opened up a new level of communication with the child, and the eye tracker speeds up the process and extends your capabilities. If the child knows the alphabet, he can eyes fast to type a text on the screen. Is and computer card system — the child can use the pictures to explain what he wants. «Unfortunately, these technologies are expensive and while in Russia the deficit,» says Tatiana. To acquire such a computer, the monastery is not easy: all of his social projects are free and operate on donations.

Playing cards

«We will have a drawing lesson,» says the teacher. Several women in turn rolled into the room six children in wheelchairs — due to a severe form of cerebral palsy, none of them able to move independently, and almost no one can speak.

In the medical center as outsiders, of course, is not allowed. It is not too capacious, and all children are treated as outpatients every night parents take them home. Here are turning for help not only Muscovites, but the family of the regions at the time of rehabilitation of the child have to rent housing or live with friends — the abode to settle them nowhere.

The uniqueness of the center is individual approach. The rehabilitation program is formed based on the needs of the child. The main goal is to make it more independent from their parents. For example, if he does not walk, he is taught to independently drive on the wheelchair to the toilet, to unfold.

«The center for seven years, per year, it is the rehabilitation of up to 400 children,» says Anna, engaged in attracting funds in the project.

Hospital as a holiday

On the basis of the medical center six years ago to open a children’s visiting palliative care: professionals go home to the most difficult young patients. Now the service’s 90 wards. We all have different disease — genetics, cerebral palsy, muscle atrophy, cancer, there are children on ventilators.

And then in the monastery was opened and respec (not to be confused with hospice!): terminally ill children are brought here to at least once a year to give their families a break. Respec takes the child for 30 days, and his family get the opportunity to relax. But if one of the parents wants to stay with the baby, they settled in the same ward.

However, at the same time respec can only take six children. In August, for a week opens the record, and during this time all lined up for the year ahead. «We provide care for children, the physician-nurses. We arrange holidays, invite the clowns. Children with intact intellect come to us as on vacation. They perceive respec not as a hospital but as something cool, make yourself any friends here, agree from the parents, to the next year to be back here at the same time,» says Anna.

But the last three years respite free only five wards. «Kirill — year — old boy is with us constantly. Early childhood left an orphan, but was completely healthy. There was a family that adopted him. But three years ago, tragedy struck: he was hit by a car. He has received a severe traumatic brain injury and is now in a vegetative state. After the accident, the foster family refused it. The attending physician realized that at the hospital, he will not last long and asked us for help. Thought that he will die soon, but it’s been three years and we have not even sick,» said Anna.

There are no other children

Two years ago Martha and Mary convent together with the Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy» has launched another project, working to help seriously ill children, «Children.pro». The project participants are working in two public boarding schools in Kuntsevo and southern Butovo.

In Kuntsevo employees «Children.pro» 16 wards in the Butovo — 8. To each I put «adult personal» — they perform the function of mom or dad: the child is opened, we need constant contact with adults. «Our state system is not capable of. So children close, do not develop, they are considered unpromising. But actually this is not so,» says Jana.

Now every child knows that there is a person with whom he can communicate, which helps him to communicate with the outside world, in the evening putting to bed. The project staff have withdrawn their wards from the orphanage in the world is the favorite trips, picnics, help children to reveal contact zoos. «After many years within the four walls children get an unforgettable experience, and they’re happy,» she smiles.

According to the precepts of the Holy

Marfo-Mariinsky convent became a sort of epicenter Church charity. This is the way it saw the founder, the Martyr Grand Princess Elizabeth Fedorovna. It was originally considered a variant of the monastic abode, but realized that nuns can’t go out to serve in the world, so I decided to create a community of sisters of mercy. Only in 2014, the monastery finally became a monastery.

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Marfo-Mariinsky obitaemi with cerebral palsy on the service in the Church of STSWhen you say only the eyes: in the monastery taught immobilized children© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Marfo-Mariinsky obitaemi with cerebral palsy on the service in the Church Martha and Mary convent

However, the nuns do not take active participation in social work. But it involved the sisters of mercy. In addition, all projects involve volunteers.

«We are always short of money and people. But the Lord does not leave us. We are on the brink, when we realize that then we will have to close a project. I have long ceased to ask the chief accountant if we have that sort of money: know that they are not. Nevertheless, as it turns out, there are donors,» says the prioress of the monastery abbess Elisabeth (Pozdnyakova).