On the Yamal Peninsula resulting increase in the release of gas giant funnel

© Press-service of the Governor to Adoperati in fotobounce a giant crater in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous regionOn the Yamal Peninsula resulting increase in the release of gas giant funnel© Press-service of the Governor to Adoperate the image Bank

Two giant sinkholes formed in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district as a result of the emission of the gas in three years, increased in size, reported in the regional Department for science and innovation.

In 2014 in the area of the Bovanenkovo gas field was discovered two funnels, which, as expected, was the result of gas emissions, and then filled with water, becoming a lake. The diameter of one of them on the outer edge at the time was at least 60 meters and a depth of 200 metres. This vortex continues to grow.

«The bridge between them and the adjacent thermokarst lake collapsed, combining both of the pond. A small amount of precipitation and the gradual erosion of the parapet of the crater, separates the subject from the nearby brook has led to lower water levels in the lake relative to last year. The pace of development of second funnel was not so significant,» — said the relevant departments, citing the results of research scientists of the Institute of Earth cryosphere, Tyumen scientific center SB RAS, studying this natural phenomenon.

They took samples in both lakes for obtaining chemical parameters, including concentrations of methane, to compare with the results of studies of previous years. It is noted that the water in both funnels is still characterized by very high turbidity and different from other nearby lakes.

Studies conducted by scientists of the Tyumen center in 2017, showed that on the territory of Yamal are actively developing other new landforms that, in particular, is associated with an abnormally hot region in the summer of last year.

«This year, continuing a high rate of destruction of Termocarkas – specific recesses on the slopes formed during thawing of frozen soil and ice and changing terrain of the tundra», — stated in the Department of science and innovation YANAO.

They added that representatives of the Lomonosov Moscow state University, also studying cryogenic processes on the Yamal Peninsula, took samples of ice and sediments in two thermocerin to conduct laboratory research and to clarify the Genesis and conditions of formation watawala ice.