Scientists have predicted a deadly solar flare

© Flickr / using NASA’s Marshall Space Flight CenterВспышка in the Sun. Archival photoScientists have predicted a deadly solar flare© Flickr / using NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Scientists have predicted the emergence of powerful flares on the sun, which can lead to a major disaster. This is stated in a study published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Researchers from Harvard University analyzed data on recent changes in the Sun and came to the conclusion that the next strong flare will occur no later than in the next hundred years, and the probability of its occurrence in the next decade is 12 percent.

The report States that the amount of emitted energy expected natural anomaly is equal to the flare in 1859, which arose geomagnetic storm, dubbed «the Carrington Event».

As the researchers note, if a natural phenomenon of such power again today, it may lead to disruption of power grids worldwide and cooling systems in nuclear power stations, shutdown of the Internet. In addition, sverhuspeshnyh able to provoke technogenic accidents and increased levels of radiation, which in turn may lead to casualties.