The Italian businessman believes the sanctions against Russia a mistake

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Italian business believes the anti-Russian sanctions incorrect and ineffective, because they failed to achieve their political objectives, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank «Intesa» (part of the Italian financial group Intesa Sanpaolo), head of the Foundation «Know Eurasia» Antonio Fallico on the eve of the Eurasian economic forum. MIA «Russia today» is an information partner of the forum.

«Italian, and European business thinks they are erroneous, do not lead to the achievement of those political goals, which set their supporters,» said Fallico, answering the question about the assessment of sanctions by the Italian business.

«I hope that in the end, the diplomacy business will encourage politicians to repeal these sanctions, acting in the national economic interests of their countries. However, in the next couple of years, apparently, will have to continue to work in the current regime,» — he said.

According to the banker, the business from both sides showed that looks beyond the immediate environment, builds strategic relationships and adapted to the new situation.

«I hope that the business will achieve from politicians understand the need to focus not only on ideological dogmas, but to take into account the economic interests of their countries, to move away from the hopeless from all points of view, sanctions policy,» said Fallico.

USA entered the first package of sanctions against Russia in March 2014. In early August of 2017, the U.S. President signed the law, involving the extension of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy. Moreover, at the end of June 2017, the European Union, which supported anti-Russian sanctions in 2014, took the decision to extend another six months of economic restrictive measures against Russia.

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