Oreshkin said that was fined by the Bolshoi theatre and TSUM

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Sidorovskaya TSUM in Moscow. Archival photoOreshkin said that was fined by the Bolshoi theatre and TSUM© RIA Novosti / Alexander Sidorov

The Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin said that this year was fined in Moscow Bolshoi theatre and TSUM Department store, and how the new legislation will allow to avoid this in the future.

Welcoming all at the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma on the theme of reform of state control and supervision, the Minister said that next to GD is a historical object — the building of the Bolshoi theatre. «If you look at statistics, how you think, who checked Grand theatre this year? Of course, the easiest answer that suggests itself is the Ministry of culture, but in reality it is not. Last year the theatre double-check Roszdravnadzor», — said Oreshkin.

The reason the Minister said, is that the theater is a treatment room where is the first aid to staff, and therefore have a licence for handling of medicinal products and medical practice. «This is what was checked by the health Ministry, and not just checked, and the theatre was fined 150 thousand rubles. And Roszdravnadzor here acted lawfully, within their authority,» — said the Minister.

Excessive supervision

However, he noted, despite the validity and legality verification, in practice it was not needed. «Because the risk of harm in the treatment room of the theatre, of course, minimal. In this example, as in a mirror sees the problems of the current system, built over the years, of Supervisory activities in the country. And these problems we tried to address this bill that is being considered at the state Duma,» — said the Minister.

Also in the example the Minister cited the fine, which Fes has discharged Central universal store (TSUM) — for the revealed infringements in personnel documents, technical error in filling out employment contracts.

«The bill we are creating a fundamentally different system of motivation of the regulatory bodies. We are moving away from cane, in which the main indicator of good work of the controller is the number of inspections and imposed fines. The main indicator of efficiency and effectiveness should be the reduction of harm to legally protected values. With this approach, the controllers will not go to the Bolshoi theater or cum only to achieve formal indicators and to prepare a report», — summed up the head of the MAYOR.

The draft law on state and municipal control and supervision is being developed in 2015. The document is aimed at reducing the number of audits and increase their effectiveness.