Russia gave Greece an exhibition of reproductions to the 190th anniversary of the battle of Navarino

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The Foundation of St. Andrew and the Central naval Museum of the Ministry of defense of Russia jointly prepared and presented to the authorities of the city of Pylos, the exhibition of reproductions of paintings, dedicated to the 190th anniversary of Navarino sea battle. Anniversary on a large scale is celebrated these days in Pylos.

All the paintings were painted shortly after the battle of Navarino and dedicated to him.

The exhibition opened on Thursday evening and will remain as a gift to the city and all its residents, said the Director of the Foundation of St. Andrew Victor Bushuev.

«The exhibition presents reproductions of engravings, lithographs, paintings, drawings by famous artists and unknown. All reproductions are related to the battle of Navarino. There is also a reproduction of the stern of the flagship «Azov», a collage of battle and portraits of the future admirals that participated in the battle of Navarino, — Lazarev, Istomin and others», — told RIA Novosti the head of Protocol of the Foundation Elena Parfenova.

According to her, the programme of activities for the anniversary of the battle of Navarino began long ago.

«On the day of the Navy in St. Petersburg was made ensign of the ship «Azov», which was the flagship of the Russian fleet in the battle of Navarino» — said Parfenov.

«Azov» was the only ship that was awarded aft the St. George flag in honor of the courage and bravery of its sailors. The name of the famous ship is now a large landing ship black sea fleet of Russia arrived in Pylos for the celebration.

Parfenov told also that the Fund jointly with JSC «Mark» was released to the anniversary of the battle of the stamped card, the repayment of which will be held on Friday on the ship «Azov».

«We have produced a special stamp. It’s history,» said the chief of Protocol.

«The closest friends»

At the ceremony of the exhibition Director of the Foundation Viktor Bushuev said that Russia and Greece are United by culture and history.

«Our presence here confirms that Russia and Greece in the past and the present remain the best of friends. Victory in the battle of Navarino anticipated gaining of Greece’s independence. This event is one of the cornerstones on which the firm is the Foundation of the friendship of the peoples of Russia and Greece,» said Bushuyev.

He read out the greeting of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

A holiday celebrated annually in Greece on a large scale, is for the two countries a powerful symbol of respect, friendship and mutual assistance, the Minister said.

«During a difficult time for the Greek people, the days of the warships of the Russian Empire, Britain and France came to the aid of allies, bringing a significant contribution to the success of the Greek national liberation revolution,» said Medina.

«The battle of Navarino takes a worthy place among the valiant deeds of our heroes of the Greek war for independence. And so for us it is particularly important that even centuries after the events of those days are carefully stored in memory, speaking instructive example for his contemporaries and successors», — said in the greeting of the Minister of culture.

The mayor of Pylos-Nestoras Dimitris Kafantaris said that the Greeks feel a special love.

«We had a common struggle and most importantly, what unites us is our faith,» said the mayor, noting that the event will be attended by the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Hieronymus.

The ceremony was attended by Russian sailors from the «Azov» arrived to the commander of the expedition, Deputy commander of the black sea fleet kontr-Admiral Yury Orekhovsky, the commander of the brigade of surface ships captain first rank Sergei Larchuk, the commander of «Azov» captain of the second rank, Sergei Lutsenko, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Greece, Director of the office of the Foundation in Greece Sergey Golovin, mayor of Pylos and the island of Spetses and Hydra officials.

During the holiday on BDK «Azov» could go everyone – sailors organized tours, told visitors about the ship. Prior to joining Pylos «Azov» was in Syria.

On Board of «Azov» in Pylos has arrived and the orchestra of the black sea the lot – on Thursday evening, he spoke to the residents in the Central square of the Three admirals.

Connection times

Organizers of the celebration wanted to invite to events at Pylos of the famous Russian sailing ship «Kruzenshtern» and «Sedov», but this could not be done due to fears of arrests of ships on the claims of some countries, told RIA Novosti Cyril Salahin — a descendant of Admiral Pyotr Anjou, at the battle of Navarino the commander of the artillery on the ship «Gangut».

«We want profit «Kruzenshtern», «Sedov», but they are unable because of possible arrest. We have many beautiful sailboats – «Peace», «Hope», and if they were, it would be a real great holiday. But now no boat. We tried for two years, but did not work», — said Salehin.

According to him, is now preparing a book about the battle of Navarino.

Salahin said that his ancestor Admiral Anjou was also a polar Explorer, discovered and described the Islands in the Northern seas. «He was looking for Sannikov land for the king, discovered many Islands. Then he was for ten years captain of the port of Kronstadt and build defenses. When was the Crimean war, the British and French tried to enter the port, but not included. They did not risk their ships,» said Salehin.

According to him, after the revolution, his grandfathers emigrated to France, but he is now every year a few months living in Russia. «The grandparents did not return, the parents never returned. I’m back,» said Salehin.

According to him, the events in Pylos participated and French.

Russia gave Greece an exhibition of reproductions to the 190th anniversary of the battle of Navarino© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotoboeken finished the last novel about Erast Fandorin Friday in Pylos will be a prayer service, he served the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Hieronymus.

In the Central square «Three Admirals» will be a military parade, a March of schoolchildren, representatives of public organizations.

Representatives of the government and Parliament of Greece, embassies of the Union in those years, the countries of Britain, France, Russia will lay wreaths at the monument in honor of the dead sailors in Novinskom battle.

Evening in the old port of Pylos will be reconstructed naval battles and pyrotechnic show.