Madrid will take on some functions of the government of Catalonia

© AFP 2017 / CESAR MANSOФлаг of Catalonia. Archival photoMadrid will take on some functions of the government of Catalonia© 2017 AFP / CESAR MANSO

The government of Spain will take on some functions of Generalitat (government) of Catalonia in connection with the use of the 155th article of the Constitution which enables the suspension of Catalan autonomy, according to a government document released by the TV channel RTVE.

In the published decision of the government of Spain, adopted at an emergency meeting on Saturday, stated that the Central government will be able to give direct instructions to the binding nature of the police of Catalonia. «If necessary, members of the police of Catalonia, Mossos d’esquadra will be replaced by officers of the Spanish security forces,» according to the document.

Madrid will also assume the functions of the government of Catalonia related to telecommunications, electronic services and information technology.

In addition, the Spanish government will take measures in the economic, financial, tax and budgetary spheres «in the General interest», to ensure financial and fiscal stability of Catalonia and to prevent the flow of funds for activities and goals «of the separatist processes» in the region.

It is reported that Madrid will be every two months to present to the Senate information about the implementation of the measures contained in the document.

On Saturday morning the Council of Ministers held an emergency meeting, in which considered the possibility of applying the 155th article of the Constitution, which the Central government can suspend the Autonomous status of Catalonia.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said at a press conference that the government decided to use the 155-th article of the Constitution. This decision has to be finally approved by the Senate. The meeting of the upper house of the Spanish Parliament is scheduled for 27 Oct.Madrid will take on some functions of the government of Catalonia© 2017 AFP / CESAR MANSOПрезидент football club «Barcelona» has supported the government of Catalonia

In Catalonia on 1 October, a referendum was held on independence, which was declared illegal by the Spanish authorities and the constitutional court of the country.

After that, the head of the government of the Autonomous community of Carles Putteman said that the results of the vote (90% of those who took part supported independence, turnout was 43%) are a sufficient basis for the Declaration of independence, however, suggested regional Parliament to postpone the Declaration of independence at the time of negotiations with the Spanish authorities.

The Spanish government demanded that Generalitat to give a clear answer, proclaimed the independence.