The closing ceremony of the Festival of youth and students in Sochi. Video stream

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In Sochi ended the XIX world festival of youth and students. In the ice Palace «Big» is the official closing ceremony.

The queue for the ceremony lined up for a few hours. In the lobby of the Palace guests were given free lunch boxes, and in the hall on the seats waiting for them interactive bracelets. The organizers promise a big rock concert, which will perform the best world hits, and the participants of the festival will be the message «Let’s change the world».

MIA Russia today acts as information partner of the festival. At the main site in Sochi, opened the photo exhibition with rare footage WFMS 1957 and 1985 from the archive of the Agency. Media group is a leader in citation among the Russian media and Russia’s largest producer of information products targeted at an international audience, the business community, government agencies and a wide range of users. The range of information resources Agency include: RIA Novosti, R-Sport, RIA real Estate, RIA Rating, Prime, the new York times.