In the Arabian desert discovered mysterious «stone portals»

© Fotolia / Adam GregorЧеловек in the desertIn the Arabian desert discovered mysterious «stone portals»© Fotolia / Adam Gregor

Scientists discovered in Saudi Arabia a few hundred of the «stone portals» of unknown purpose, according to Newsweek magazine.

Objects located on the territory of desolate lava fields in the harrat highlands-khaybar. To date, found about 400 buildings and a rounded rectangular shape. Length of the smallest stone structures 13 metres, the largest is 518 meters.

Archaeologists are mystified by ancient «gates” in #Saudi lava fields

— shanecastile (@shanecastile) 22 Oct 2017

According to Oxford Professor David Kennedy, their age can reach several thousand years. The specialist noted that the Bedouin call the structures «the creation of the ancient people.»

«There is no explanation for this strange, bulky objects. Now known almost 400 buildings, in some areas, a lot of them. Obviously, they were very important to those who erected» — said the scientist.

400 mysterious stone ‘gates’ discovered in remote Saudi Arabia

— Forbes (@Forbes) October 19, 2017

It is noted that such «portals» were previously found in other countries in the Middle East, however, Kennedy believes that the design found in Harrat-of khaybar, the former is much more ancient finds.

The results of the study «stone portals» will be published in the journal Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy, the article says.