In Canada, cars with oil derailed

© Photo : MOE Rossiiskoi wagons with oil products. Archive photoIn Canada, cars with oil derailed© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

Several cars of a freight train carrying crude oil derailed in the canadian province of Alberta, said local authorities.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon local time near the city of Edmonton. According to the TV station CBC, were derailed 12 cars of a train.

The representative of the Department of communications County Sturgeon Sheila Moore announced that because the accident occurred a «small leak» in the order of 30-50 litres of oil. The incident affected residents of 46 houses, which had originally been recommended to evacuate.

However, after assessing the situation, the experts came to the conclusion that the leak poses no danger, allowing local residents to return home. At the same time, emergency services will continue cleaning the area in the next few days.