The film «Geostorm» headed the Russian hire after the weekend

© RIA Novosti / Artem to Getinitiated in fotobabble with old film. Archival photoThe film «Geostorm» headed the Russian hire after the weekend© RIA Novosti / Artem to Getinitiated the image Bank

Disaster film «Geostorm» with Gerard Butler in the lead role became the leader of Russian box office, collecting 294,3 million rubles at the end of the weekend, according to the portal

«Geostorm» is the debut picture of Dina Delavina, writer-disaster movie «independence Day» and «Godzilla».

In the story, after an unprecedented series of natural disasters struck the Earth, world leaders joined forces to create an extensive network of orbiting satellites that monitor the Earth’s climate and to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. But at some point a failure occurs and the system that was supposed to protect the planet, now threatening her with death. Its developer Jack Lawson performed by Gerard Butler will have to personally save the world from destruction.

In second place was the Russian space drama «Salyut-7» Klim shypenko, starring roles in which performed Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko. Over the weekend the film earned 191,7 million rubles, and two weeks rent 517,5 million rubles.

Third place in the ranking took a picture of Doug Lyman’s «Made in America» with Tom cruise in the lead role, gathered over the weekend to 49.2 million rubles, and two weeks rent 193.5 million rubles.

The fourth line took the continuation of the cult film by Ridley Scott «blade Runner 2049». His charges over the weekend amounted to 34 million rubles, and in the first three weeks of hire — 535,8 million rubles. The top five leaders of the cartoon «My little pony movie» with fees at 33.4 million for the weekend and to 119.7 million in two weeks of hire.